does anyone here work with demons?

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Re: does anyone here work with demons?

Postby supersaiyan5 » Sat Jul 21, 2018 8:25 pm

wher did you all buy your demons from

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Aurora Magick
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Re: does anyone here work with demons?

Postby Aurora Magick » Sat Jul 21, 2018 11:33 pm


I have worked with demons for a few years now, on a personal as well as a professional level.
The category "Demon" is very broad, and I believe trying to define all Demons as a whole is always going to be a flawed endeavor, since it would be like trying to describe all humans with some broad generalization. There are billions of humans, and so many differences between cultures, locales, and societies, that trying to describe all of us at once would be pointless, and it is the same for Demons. There are many billions more of them, and in each realm, in each city, in each province, each town, there are differences ranging from cultural to language to even species and genetics.

Many people use the term Demon to refer to all lower frequency entities, some people use the term to refer only to Hellborn beings specifically, still others include various realms in their classification of 'Hell', and there is really no consistency or agreed upon standard for these things in the business. Everyone just kind of does their own thing and people subscribe to the beliefs of whatever practitioner they favor. For this reason, I don't think anyone could truly give you an unbiased answer.

What I will say is that Demons, just like Humans, -can- be dangerous. Some Demons, like some Humans, gain pleasure from harming others, or simply do not care if others get hurt in the pursuit of their own success. But most Demons, just like most Humans, are well meaning people with a decent set of morals, who do not harm without reason. In some realms, there is a strict rule of law, similar to some places in the Human world. In these places, Demons tend to be especially well behaved because they can get banished for the slightest offense. Many conjurers work with Demons from these more "tame" realms, since they tend to have morals and views that closely align with your average Human's.

Some conjurers do work with more potentially dangerous Demons, so it is important to ask questions to your conjurer and be very well informed before adopting a Demon into your family. It is also important, -no matter what kind of entity you have- to have strict house rules. When you adopt an entity or spirit, the first day you get them, sit down and address them directly by name and tell them the rules and expectations you have for them. If you do not want them to harm people, make sure you tell them. For some entities, reacting with violence is natural, so they must be explicitly informed if you expect otherwise of them.

I hope that this information helps you.
Full disclosure, I sell many various types of Demonic. As long as you are well informed and happy with your companion, though, please feel free to seek out any seller you like <3

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Re: does anyone here work with demons?

Postby NyctophiliaRaven » Mon Jul 23, 2018 3:41 pm

Another seller that many people recommend for demon companions is Satan&Sons. You can look them up here on the forum - you can also search for Akelta (the primary priestess of S&S). They are also searchable through Google.

Akelta is an amazing practitioner and I recommend her for so many things - not just demon companions, but so much more. She's a truly wonderful person.

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