Bloody Skies of Fate Review (Extremely Positive)

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Bloody Skies of Fate Review (Extremely Positive)

Postby Phantom_of_the_arts » Wed Jul 11, 2018 9:58 pm

Good afternoon,

As many of you know, I barely post in the forum yet I have been apart of this Forum for many years. Of these years I have not ever written a review. This has now changed. I am proud to announce that I have and continue to be having a phenomenal experience with the shop Bloody Skies of Fate and their beings. Not only have they provided amazing customer service, patience with questions, and extremely affordable companions/spells, they have also provided extremely high quality work. The beings are active and tend to communicate within the means that are provided. That also being said, the information given is astonishingly detailed. One does not get a simple two to three sentence summary of the being and that is it, no you get so much more, not to mention a picture to help one visualize their companion. All of this is included mind you, there is no extra cost. I was amazed by the amount of information that was given to me because, and I speak frankly, I am used to receiving so much less. It is clear that they are not in it for solely profit and are passionate with what they do. Not only do they provide you amazing service, they also treat you as if you are a long time friend. Honestly Amaranth and her team are highly skilled. They are hands down a shop which one should keep an eye on because they have the potential to become huge within the community.

Here is a link to their shop:


I want it to be known crystal clear that I have not been asked, nor motivated by them in any way to write a review let alone a positive one. I am writing this review solely of my own free will.

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