Product Spotlight: Kali Naga Shamanic Power

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Product Spotlight: Kali Naga Shamanic Power

Postby PapaHood » Fri Jul 13, 2018 12:32 pm

Pre-Hindu Tibetan Shamanism solidified into it's original form approximately 60,000 years ago, and had only minimal changes among it's core practices with the advent of the Hindus and then the Buddhists. One of the aspects that has survived with only minimal changes has been the nine mudra meditation form, and the ability to heal in ways that are not done in either Reiki or Seichim.

Since the Shamans of the day had to travel into some very wild and remote areas where bandits were a constant threat they also developed an energetic martial art process to work with these symbols as well. That system for both healing and self-defense then spread into China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan. With one minor variation, it is also the nine hands meditation form of Kuji-Kiri Ninjitsu.

This course is a four part series empowering you to heal the true root cause of all diseases that are missed by most other systems of healing on the earth today, and to walk where you will with the certainty that anyone who attempts to attack you will be defeated by their own energy without your having to engage in a physical confrontation the vast majority of the time. And, you will be empowered to defeat 99% of all physical attacks that do take place.

This system is a complete spiritual path to take you from any level through the point of complete spiritual awakening and self-realization. There are also mudras that will help you balance energy in yourself and others, be in harmony with all of the rest of Creation, build your spiritual, moral and physical strength, be invisible when desired, read the minds of others while protecting your own thoughts, overcome all forms of fear and defeat panic in emergencies, give you mastery over time and space and empower your psychic capabilities including such skills as psycho-kinesis, telepathy and astral projection.

This system includes meditation skills, the nine mudras (hand signs that change the energy in your body), breath-work, many powerful meditations that allow you to access energy in many ways, and further empower yourself at will, and is the first step on the Path of Initiation of both the ancient Tibetan Shamans and the highly spiritual and often misunderstood warriors of the night known as the Ninja. This is a complete spiritual practice in itself whether you choose to go on to the next three levels of Initiation beyond the first or not.

With all of my courses, you will receive three years of counseling concerning how to use this information, and you will also receive detailed manuals with many detailed photographs covering each level of initiation. However, you will not be able to do Initiations for others until you have completed the final Initiation. Instructions concerning them are included in the manual for the first level. And, we always send extra supplimental attunements to help you on your chosen path as our gift to you. No two people are exactly the same so everyone needs something slightly different.

Additionally, instead of purchasing each level individually, you can purchase all four levels of initiation at once, for a savings of over 20% off the total price. However, this package price must be paid in full, rather than installments; otherwise this defeats the purpose of the package.

Kali Naga Shamanic Power

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