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Postby Truthseeking » Wed Aug 01, 2018 11:03 am

Hi, Guys I was going to wrote a review on Phantom's conjurings. However, I was surprised that I didn't find one. So I start a thread here.

As a newbie in this meta world, I considered my self a highly curious however spiritual-blinded. I learnt a lot from this forum, and met many nice conjurers. Phantom is definitely one of them. He helped me connecting my first beings (which I got from another very popular and busy conjurer). Surprising, He was also the one who warned me be nice to my third eye when I was secretly planning to rip it open. Then, he offered me some healing sections, which is free.

I also got a emperor vampire from him. The emperor vampire rules several kingdoms, and has authority over the royal one. I am super satisfied with his services.

As a new spirit keep, I am not a fan those those big-name conjurers who has a long waiting line; who request you to follow up with the process, and can't keep their promised timeline because they are busy. For those who understand this feelings, I recommend phantom. He is spontaneous, and kindly offers some guidance. He keep his promise, being's profile is detailed, and is about one page long. It's either I bug him about my conjurings, or he bug me back how my relationship goes on with my beings ( the one from him, of course)

FYI, I believe this is his store info

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Re: DarkKingdomMagickals

Postby Phantom_of_the_arts » Thu Aug 02, 2018 5:31 am

Thank you so much!!! This means so much to me. c: I am so glad I am able to help you out! ^,.,^

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