First night with succubus?

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First night with succubus?

Postby Bahaumet » Sun Aug 12, 2018 4:29 pm

Last night the power went out in my complex and so I went to check the mail to see if my pendant finally showed up, and there it was. I was napping since we had no power but when I was wearing the pendant I got tired again so I went to bed. Did a little meditation first, not expecting much. When I fell asleep I started having some wild dreams, I can't remember though, nothing sexual just weird. At some point I had some sleep paralasys though, that was kinda cool lol. I'm laying there with my face towards the bedroom door and it creeks open. In my head I'm like go away, and tried mustering the words. (I thought it was family or something and I just didn't wanna deal with it lol) I was finally able to get it out and said "Go away" and was trying to get up but my body was soooo heavy. I actually was able to break out of it though after I started panicking lol. Cool experience, wonder if anything weird will happen tonight. xD

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