Beginner to spirit keeping

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Beginner to spirit keeping

Postby DarkThanatos » Sun Aug 12, 2018 6:26 pm

So I am new to spirit keeping and have a few things I am curious about and would like to see if maby some more experienced keepers would have some helpful input to what I have experienced so far.

I would like to begin by saying that I don't consider myself a very spiritual person. While I do believe in spirits I just consider myself to be very dense. If you were to ask one of my friends about me they would probably say I was dense as a brick, and had the emotional range of a tea spoon. ( just adding this information incase it may cause some form of problem when it comes to communicating with my spirits)

Now about a week ago I did not know spirit keeping existed I was actually looking around online for how to contact or summon a succubus the reason for this is I have always had a attraction to things I feel are more misunderstood and especially a succubus in general I have always thought that the whole religious idea that they are Dominic creatures whose only purpose was to have sex with men, then take their soul and kill them to me this never made any sense. As a result I started looking for more information including how to contact one as well. Eventually I stumbled upon a topic on this form taking about the using the letter method and someone their suggested to that person to order one through CH. (Can't remember the original post but I would like to thank that person if I find it again) so I started looking and eventually ordered a custom conjured succubus C5T3, at the same time CH has their BOGO and I decided upon the reverse adoption in addition to the penny deal so I had ordered 3 spirits when I initially only came for one not sure why.

Skipping ahead my 3 spirits just arrived yesterday my succubus spirit K, my Nympho from BOGO J, and a kitsune from the penny deal N, now within about a hour of getting them I got a head ach not so much pounding more of a pressure at both of my temple's and decided I should take a nap. As soon as I laid down I smelled something that reminded me of flowers but not what kind and I fell asleep anyway as soon as I did I woke up to the feeling of something grabbing my face cause I remember feeling 4 fingers on both sides of my face and something pressing against my lips when I opened my eyes I couldn't see anything but with them closed I was picturing a shadow figure above me (keep in mind I was disoriented from being just woken up) the pressure on my lips faded and then slowly the hands holding my head dissapered as well and I fell back asleep.
Now once i woke up I still couldn't feel my spirits or at least I don't think I can not sure but I did talk to then periodically throughout the day the odd thing is I was exhausted all day and went to bed around 10pm (odd for me considering I usually go to sleep around 1 am due to work and videogames) woke up abound 3am then back to sleep and didnt wake up till 11:30 this morning still very tired. Still cant feel my spirits But I know it should take time especially for me so I am just continuing to talk to them though it is a one sided conversion. Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience to me and could Maby help explain what I am experiencing.

Also as a side note one more thing of curiosity I just remembered, before I fell asleep my dog jumped on the bed and laid down with me for a few minutes the reason this is odd is because he isn't really a dog he is a mix between timber wolf and British Columbian wolf with a small amount of German Shepard mixed in he never gets on the bed with me even if I have treats and will always sleep close to the door he is also skittish espically around people so that is why I say it is odd for him to jump on the bed and lay next to me even though he was only their for about 5 minutes

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