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The Birthplace of Spirit Keeping


Creepy Hollows is the world's first website dedicated to Spirit Keeping & Paranormal Collecting!  We created the majority of the methodologies, terminology, and practices adopted by the Spirit Keeping community; practitioners, sellers, collectors, and buyers.  Our family of sites hosts more than 10,000 members! Creepy Hollows always has been & always will be a community-minded site for anyone who wants to learn more about Spirit Keeping, the paranormal, magick and metaphysical paths.


We have always been the premiere site for those who want to further their journey in Spirit Keeping, Magick, and Paranormal Collecting.  It is a sanctuary for discriminating collectors.  We deal with Spirits, Spells, Haunted Artifacts, and more!  We offer many amenities at no charge.  For us (Ash & Magnolia), this is our passion, our life, and our second family.  Take a look around our site & you'll see this is the most welcoming, caring community of its kind for those who want to pursue a life in the paranormal!  We have been pioneers of the paranormal for 15 years!


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We wrote the book on Spirit Keeping, literally!


Our book was the first book published on the subject and remains the only professionally published book on Spirit Keeping.  We also offer books on a variety of other paranormal works in our metaphysical store.  Click on the books to see our current publications.

Spirit Keeping Books

See Our New Age Metaphysical Store & Site


We have the most beautiful & most intriguing bindings anywhere in the world!  We hand-pick or hand-craft every vessel we use for our spirits & spells.  We also offer some of the most interesting haunted artifacts for the discerning Paranormal Collectors!  We offer authentic artifacts from practitioner estates from around the world.


If you love the beautiful, antique, odd, strange, bizarre, awe-inspiring, or totally unique... we have it!  We offer only the best from around the world & of all eras.


Check out our New Arrivals & our One of a Kind offerings!


Haunted Estates

We offer artifacts from some of the most prolific and powerful practitioners throughout the world.


Spirit Keeping

We conjure and work with more than a thousand different races of spirit with origins throughout the 3 Realms.



Our spell bindings, enchantments, ritual magic, and charms are second-to-none in power, design and personalization.

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