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I've always had that draw to the wild side of life. The adventurous spirit that sometimes leads you to dangerous situations but I've always made it out a stronger and wiser person. I love to be scared and do things that may not be considered safe. I consider it to be the heartbeat of life, what makes it interesting and exciting. It was this thirst that led me to find a path in the paranormal. I received my practitioner name, Ash West, early in my journey as men in our organization were named for trees and couples received a surname of the 4 corners of the Earth.

It started with my wanting to see a ghost. I really wanted to see a ghost and I love the adrenaline rush when something scares you and I went seeking the things that go bump in the night. I was always the first to try Bloody Mary, or go into an abandoned home, or try and invocation in the graveyard. I coudn't wait to see something grisly or scary come out of the mist and after the first time it did it became a life-long pursuit.

One ghost led to two ghosts and it became a natural transition to wanting to learn how to do it myself, at will on my terms. I wanted to be in control of what appeared to me and when and I wanted to make contact with the Grim Reaper, the Boogeyman and the monsters that prey in the shadows. There is no greater rush than encountering a Harpy, Werewolf, Cikavac, Basilisk, terrifying ghost or others like them.

I've always been the thrill-seeker, I like horror movies, going to condemned locations or houses, working with the conjurations to bring powerful and incredible beasts, using astral travel to seek out the times some of the most terrifying monsters walked the earth, researching how to resurrect the spirits of some of Egypt's most influential spiritual monsters, walks in the pitch black of the woods when there is an entity to be discovered, spelunking in caves in search of dwelling entities, you name it and I'm up for it. I'm not easily frightened but I love that jolt of natural electricity when you encounter something greater than yourself.

I've spent my life doing this, seeking out the next greatest thrill and it led to my becoming a Master of the Dark Arts. People tend to confuse a Master meaning some evil, maniacal villan when really it isn't that at all. There are entities and energies alive and around you right now that can only be dispelled by an entity of equal or greater power. It's called fighting fire with fire. True power comes from having at least knowledge of all sides of the world you are living in, and I chose to further my power by mastering the dark side. But I'm not lurking in dark corners or shadowed alleys, like Magnolia I work out of our home and I have a special room in the house that is all mine for obvious reasons. You wouldn't want a Harpy loose in the house.

I am a fan of rock (psych, hard, classic) and I use the adrenaline of the music a great deal of the time when I'm working. The heartbeat of the music pulsates straight through me and the spirits and it helps to set the proper atmosphere. I have an affinity for the outdoors, I do as much work as I can outside, some require an indoor atmosphere, but if I can do it in the great, wide open I do.

When I'm not conjuring I take a break by taking a cruise on my motorcycle, having an adventure through the woods on my ATV, play my drums or just taking solice listening to my music cranked in my room. Different spirits like different activities and I include my spirits in everything I do. With some of my African tribal spirits I will treat them to some native tunes and they get a charge out of drum beats.

I seek out and get a kick out of the tribal spirits. I worked a few years back with the spirits of shrunken heads. Magnolia wasn't too crazy knowing the heads were real but they had an interesting energy and their stories were incredible. I enjoy working with the spirits of medicine men, shaman, embalmers, soothsayers and other spiritual advisors. They have a sightline into a world that is pure mystic energy. Tribal magic is an artform all its own that has no equal or rival in the world of Western magic.

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