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My life in the paranormal began when I was five years old and my first spirit was a Unicorn. That was it, I was hooked and I started to train myself through books as a child which lead me to greater strides of making contacts, gaining more valuable resources and ultimately training under some of the world's best conjurers in my early adulthood. I was given my practitioner name as I was named for the magnolia flower, and was given a bond with the sacred West corner of the Earth; West Tower, West Wind, etc. I didn't spend money on movies, clothes or having my nails done... to me enjoyment was derived from textbooks, invocations, tools for conjuring, paying for memberships to exclusive communities and building relationships with those most sought after.

I have made contacts in Egypt, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, England, Germany, China, Thailand and Africa finding contacts in some of the most coveted Orders, Alliances, Organizations and Covens in the world. Some of the contacts took more than 10 years of my life to establish as the waiting list to even be granted the opportunity to converse with someone within these secret or exclusive communities can span more than a decade.

This is my life and has been my life since I can remember. I was always the child with her "head in the clouds" though my head was really just always trying to find a way to learn more and more and more. The world experienced once you realize the level of spirits, mysticism and magic is such a powerful experience you would never consider ever seeing it another way. As long as I can remember my passion has existed for the paranormal and every day I work towards living that life to the fullest extent possible. I am always in search of new magic, powerful connections, greater spirits and increasing my wealth of knowledge. It is a labor love and one I've had since I was little.

I was not born a young spirit, in fact, I don't think I was ever truly a child. I was born mature, and from a very young age was immediately attracted to the lifestyle of those in the 1930s and 1940s. I loved to wear flowing dresses, listen to Cole Porter, Gershwin, Gus Kahn, the Dorsey Brothers and lest I forget the immortal Glenn Miller. I found a sanctuary in the films. I fell in love with leading men like Lesley Howard (Scarlet Pimpernel), William Powell (the Thin Man movies), Laurence Olivier (Pride & Prejudice), James Cagney, Spencer Tracy, Gene Kelly, Richard Harris (in Camelot)... and wanted to be Rita Hayworth, Myrna Loy, Jean Harlow, Norma Shearer (The Women), Katherine Hepburn... it was my one connection to the secular world that grounded me though it was a life lived by those people decades before.

My interest in history was fueled by my own family's historical ties. I am fortunate to have a very colorful family tree with a founding father of America as one of the branches. I am a direct descendant of Patrick Henry, he and his second wife Dorothea Dandridge. Dorothea was the granddaughter of famous Virginia Governor Alexander Spotswood who is responsible for the defeat of infamous pirate Blackbeard, also known as Edward Teach and he issued a proclamation at the Assembly in Williamsburg offering rewards to anyone who brought pirates to face justice.

So I have two very historically famous great-grandfathers. I grew up with stories of Patrick Henry though, little was said about great-grandfather Alexander except that he was a man who knew how to get what he wanted and he was respected as much as he was feared. But, it was the stories of Patrick Henry that warmed my heart and gave me inspiration and hope to keep faith in not only myself but that there is a better world. I cherish the personal stories of my great-grandfather with fervor and they are personal treasure for me. He is most well known for his "Give me Liberty, or give me Death!" speech and I can't tell you how many times when I was a child I wanted to meet him

As I grew older and was able to check books out from the library and decide how to spend my own time I found the Chronicles of Narnia, Tolkien's masterpieces, historical references of Arthurian Legend, the fascinating stories of English royalty like Elizabeth I, Henry VIII, Richard the Lionheart, and other royal figures like Napoleon, Nicholas II and his family with whom I found a special attachment to Alexei. From there I launched myself into a world of history, desperately wanting to find connection with these spirits and gleen even one ounce of their true person. Over the years I have made contact with very interesting figures of historical reference. Since I was able to contact spirits at my will I have spent a great deal of time conversing and learning from them.

I have found that living a life of spirits and magic doesn't mean you have to forgo any of the other aspects in life you love. As far as religion is concerned I am a Christian, I do not attend a church because in my personal opinion they are money-makers. My personal belief is that a church edifice should be as bare and simplistic as possible and the money tithed should go to those in the congregation who need it most. I am not one who believes it is the government's job to do everything for us. I think if people gave back to one another once in awhile the ripple effect would have massive positive rewards. If churches did without gyms, rosewood pews, mega-soundsystems and LCD monitors on the wall for sermons then perhaps they could contribute to a congregation members hospital bills, or help someone recently unemployed pay their bills until they could get back on their feet. For me the last straw was when we attended a church and rather than Sunday school they were turning the small children into door-to-door salespeople with chocolate bars so they could add an addition onto an already enormous building. I walked straight out and never went back. But, that is me and that does not mean that it is the right thing for someone else. I think tithing means giving back to the people and not giving money, doing something out of selfless kindness means more to someone than giving money in a plate.

With music I have a wide pallete... I enjoy Dean Martin (oh I love him), Judy Garland, Andrew Sisters, Nat King Cole and Louis Armstrong just as much as I enjoy opera (especially Michael Crawford), classical music (especially Tchaikovsky), as well as a wide variety of other sounds and genres. My spirits enjoy the variety of sounds and music and you would be very surprised sometimes at what a spirit will respond to! Who knew a Gargoyle goes crazy for a tune by Bing Crosby? LOL

For entertainment there is one show I saw that made an everlasting mark on me and that was the Addams Family, not for the show's cheeky humor, but for the relationship betwen Gomez and Morticia... their relationship set the bar for me and I was completely bound by their truly hot marriage. They are enraptured with each other... their complete and utter adoration for each other is so brimming with sexuality it jumps straight through the screen and grabs you both by the heart and the root chakra! I felt the same way a few years later when I saw the movie Camelot for the first time. Richard Harris in that film is such a vulnerable, generous man you can hardly help yourself from falling in love with King Arthur. He is handsome, his eyes pierce straight into your soul and to top it all off he has the intellect too. Even though Lancelot is a stallion of testosterone and under any other circumstances would be appealing you hate him for contributing to the demise of Richard Harris's impeccable portrayl of King Arthur. It is safe to assume that if I am taking a few hours of break from conjuring, binding or other work in the paranormal that you will find me lost in a black and white film or vintage Technicolor spectacular.

Some of my most prized possessions related to entertainment I have done work with are: a sweater that was worn & belonged to Bob Hope, a pair of earrings Rosalind Russell wore in the movie Auntie Mame, a book of poetry owned by Marilyn Monroe, a personal piece of Ann Miller and wedding bands belonging to Mary Pickford & Douglas Fairbanks. Each one of these stars believed and had ties to the paranormal and/or spiritual community. Ann Miller even published a book on psychic power called Ann Miller's Psychic World.

I make my spirits part of all aspects of my life from breakfast to grocery shopping to my work and sleep. I do not compartmentalize my life into "this is me when I am a Spiritualist" and "this is me when I go to the store to buy a shirt". I think sometimes this is an issue some people find hinders them from truly achieving a great connection. Don't leave your Masheba at home when you go to pick up your kids at school, bring them with you and make it part of the experience. You will find that sharing your life just as though nothing were out of the ordinary actually makes the paranormal ordinary for you and therefore you naturally become more open to paranormal experiences. Share a coffee and th newspaper with your Hellhound, make toast with your Unicorn, get groceries with your Djinn and take a bubble bath with your Immortal. The time of stereotypes and visions of creaky old haunted houses, garbed gypsies, warted witches and seedy psychic booths to visualize the paranormal is over.

Those who participate and lead an active Spiritualist lifestyle are not the people who look the Hollywood part they look and act just like you, live in average homes, live "normal" lives and have professions in every industry in the world. Though you may encounter Spiritualists here and there who remind you of Bela Lugosi there are just as many who look like June Cleaver or Henry Fonda.

I have found peace and a wonderful balance to my life with my spirits and enchantments. They are a tremendous addition to my life and my person physically, spiritually and astrally. I find that I am well-rounded and feel that I live a full life, busy and crazy though it may be at times, because I am able to view the world in a way most do not. I can appreciate and experience life on a higher level and that makes me happy. The mystic connection that brings us paranormal experiences is something I find my home in and it makes this world right for me. Spiritualism isn't for everyone, people have to choose their own paths, and for me it was just what I needed and there wasn't any other path I could have gone.

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