Purveyors of the Paranormal & Mad Scientists of Para-Technology

We have invented & created so many processes & shortcuts to long-hand methods that we've compiled a list of some of our biggest accomplishments & contributions to the paranormal community from 2005-present. We were the first to offer these to the general public and invented the process by which they came to be, owning copyright to these proprietary methods:

Aeon Orb

Aeon Orb

- the proccess by which there is an eternal energy source for renewing & replenishing self-energy or the energies of spirits. Buy an Aeon Orb

Bridging Stone

Bridging Stone

- the process by which you bond a person, spirit or spell and vessel together so the spirit or spell can reside with the vessel or the person. Buy a Bridging Stone

Capture Stone

Capture Stone

- the process of capturing unbound spirits for re-homing, banishment, or release (depending on type of spirit). Buy a Capture Stone

Charging Boxes

Charging Boxes

- the process by which you charge the energy of a spirit or spell by placing them in a box, bag or other container. Buy a Charging Box or Make Your Own Charging Box

Connecting Stone

Connecting Stone

- the process of binding a stone for use in the increase of energy, interaction, & bonding between a human and a spirit in their care. Each stone is bound with energies specific to each race of entity. Buy a Connecting Stone

Conjuring Spell

Customized Conjuring

- the process of using key identifiers of a person to conjure spells and/or spirits that specifically respond to them on a greater level. Buy a Custom Conjured Spirit

Bind Spirits

Magnet-Binding Vessel

- the process of permanently retaining any energies or spirits. Buy a Magnet Binding Vessel

Conjure Spirits


- the process of attracting either spirits or the energies of magic. Buy a Magnet Pad

Talk with Spirits


- the process of encouraging the interaction & communicative energies of spirits within the home. Buy Nightplay

Power Orbs

Power Orbs

- the process of binding an orb with a complex system of enchantments that are independently or collectively activated by Code Words. Buy a Power Orb

Recapture Bag


- the process by which you can "Recapture" a spirit or spell at a stronger or lesser level of energy & power. Buy a Recapture Bag

Spirit Stones

Spirit Stone

- the process by which you bind a spirit to a natural gemstone or crystal to enjoy both the natural powers of the gemstone as well as the spirit attached. Buy a Spirit Stone

Stranding Stone

Stranding Stone

- the process of creates a temporary tie (usually 4-7 days) between you and a target. Allowing for energy exchange, interaction, and/or communication between person & target. Buy a Stranding Stone

Trasmute Bag Transmute Spell

Transmute Bag

- the process of moving singular or multiple spirits and/or spells from one vessel to another. Buy a Transmute Bag, or Transmute Magick on Your Own

Create a Triumvirate


- the process of binding in the power of 3 by binding three bodies (physical, spiritual & astral) with the powers of the Triumvirate and two additional spells or spirits. Buy a Triumvirate

Hear Spirits in Your Home

Whispering Stone

- the process of encouraging communication of spirits through any means (telepathy, visions, dreams, manifestations, etc). Buy a Whispering Stone

Phrases coined by Creepy Hollows to signify something specific within the Spirit Keeping or Magic Practice community:

Code Word: powerful word(s) used to immediately provoke the energies or powers of a spirit or spell. They can be used on their own or incorporated into spells, rituals, ceremonies, meditation, etc.

Draw: describes a support tool used to "draw" an experience or interaction from a spirit or spell. For example: a candle, stone, incense, oil, code words, etc.

Energy Patina: The layers of energy that build & create a unique energy pattern on an object over a long period of time.

Energy Signature: Each person's unique energy profile that is used by practitioners & spirits to identify one individual from another.

Spirit Stone: gemstones specially prepared to be a home to a spirit of any origin.

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