Child Cemetery

Those lost to illness or tragedy

This is an investigation of a roadside cemetery about 10 miles from our home. It is kept at minimum standard and the majority of the tombstones have been repaired though some still find their final resting place shrouded in weeds.

It is an abadoned cemetery hosting souls who passed between 1812-1865.

Sadly it is a cemetery filled mostly with the gravesites of children. Childrens graves are usually surrounded by a very positive and heart-felt energy.

Within moments of stepping between the fence's gate that leads into the cemetery I heard a voice, clear as day, and it was so unexpected it startled me and I literally jumped. It wasn't a threatening voice but it was made very clear this cemetery is protected by the unseen.

Baby Gravestone A three month old baby, little baby Allis passed of an illness from which he could not recover. There is something as comforting as sad at his gravesite. I could feel the mother's great sorrow as I looked on at the tiny tombstone and when I started to kneel to pay my respect I heard the sound of stiff linen brushing the ground.
Toddler Headstone A youth of only 16 months little Edward brought joy to his parents life for such a short time. Taken by illness his gravesite though sad to think of is alive with love. When I neared his tombstone I had a picture of a little boy's black leather shoes flash in my mind.
Toddler Grave This tombstone belongs to Clarkie, his age at the time of his death is not known but knowing it is a cemetery filled with youth and its location amongst his siblings who met an early death we know he is most likely under the age of 3. There was very little activity around his tombstone.
Child Graves This small cluster of tombstones belong to siblings who all met an early death. The younger brother of illness and the older brother in a farming accident. I got the sense of horseplay when I was near their tombstones and felt like they were not only great friends but had a true affection for each other as family. They are accompanied by other family members.
Teenager Gravestone This boy was a mere 15 years when he passed from an accident at home. I got a slight feeling of anger and upset as though the boy felt there was unfinished business. He projected a feeling of being loved but felt unsettled.
Infant Headstone The fallen marker of a child just 1 year when he passed from a fever believed to be linked with pneumonia. There was a sense of great care and love surrounding the tombstone despite its sorry state and I heard humming of a song with which I am not familiar.
Victorian Headstone Jerome, a boy of 15 lies beneath this marker who suffered a farming accident from which he later died. There was very little activity at his gravesite.
Twin Headstones Twin boys of 2 months, Charles and Clarence, sadly lay beneath this tombstone. For two to pass together it is a heart melting tragedy and I could feel the weight of sadness on me as I stood next to their tombstone. The infants passed a very sweet and pure energy but the lingering depression of parents who mourned the loss of these infants hung as a cloud around the gravesite.
Child Graveyard This tombstone of Lionelle is illegible as the original words casted are nearly rubbed away. There was a feeling of joy around the tombstone and it was refreshing despite the loss of one so young.
Infant Graveyard Baby Jerome, just 2 months in passing, was surrounded by a field of tangible energy. I could hear the cooing sound of an infant as I neared the tombstone and a picture of a baby with one ringlet at the top of his head flashed in my mind. It was a jovial picture of a child making the first sounds of approval.
Mother Son Grave This tombstone marks the grave of baby Jerome's mother. She passed just 2 years after her son and though her death is considered from illness it is no doubt a death of a broken heart. For any mother to lose a child is a great tragedy and leaves an everlasting impression of depression and sorrow unmatched by any other loss. Her gravesite possessed a dual energy. That of joy as a mother and child reunited but also of guilt for the husband she left behind to mourn the death of his beloved baby son and his young wife. Her husband passed just 8 years behind her.
Baby Gravesite Little baby Levi of just a year on earth lies beneath this tombstone. A brilliant and positive energy surged from a distance of three feet from his tombstone. He seemed to give off a shining and happy light and I saw a luminous glow around his headstone. It brought me a feeling of pure happiness and it warmed me through.

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