We have well enjoyed the travels to places haunted and enchanted by spirits or magic. We have relished the typical and the unusual and no matter the location we have always walked away with something learned, experienced or shared.

Please enjoy the journey with us as we review some of our favorite haunts, old haunts and new haunts!

I do not utilize any equipment or paranormal gear in investigation other than myself and sometimes a camera. For me, the constant temperature readings and gauging energy interferences is a distraction. I enjoy making a connection with the spirit in a true, close manner. I want to investigate the human stain left on a place or object as opposed to its scientific phenomena.

If you are a ghost hunter or paranormal investigator please feel free to share your adventures! We will consider contributors and will post your adventures so they can be shared with others. We recommend having at least one photograph of the haunt.


Graceland - Home of Elvis Presley

Interstate 71 - Bus Crash

Oswego Lighthouse - Rescue Tragedy

Boyd's Sanitarium

Hillside Cemetery

Roadside Cemetery

Young Cemetery

Pier 57

Private Residence, 1

Private Residence, 2

Paranormal Photos

Haunted Places by State

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