Disclosed: Vampiric Wounds

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2012-02-18 21:20

All wounds don't look alike when it comes to Vampiric entities.

It is a common misconception Vampires bite to kill or bite to turn, this is a Hollywood & fiction perpetrated myth. They can bite to kill, bite to feed, or bite to turn. The former & latter are the minority, the middle is the consistency.

For visual aid I have some crude examples. I used a hand & wrist to give some proportion to the size of wounds, it isn't meant to imply Vampires bite only on the wrist. They bite wherever the flesh is tender & easiest to break and/or where there is the best opportunity. Most Vampires eat blood & flesh from the beginning to even now.

In earliest form they were ravenous. They ate, like most animals & even early humans, to take advantage of the entire food source. They drank the blood, ate the flesh, and in some cases (humanoid & creature Vampire) utilized bones & hide of the victims. They were never limited to humans, humans in the beginning were small in population on the earth & could not be a primary food source. They hunted many varieties of animals & creatures and their discretion was limited only to their predators & prey that was not easily caught or digested.

It is also a misconception that Vampires only strike with their fangs, in the case of humanoid & some creature Vampires they evolved & would utilize any tool at hand including many forms of weaponry to stun, beat, injure, and/or kill their prey. They are not limited to use of their fangs or claws only; humanoid Vampires are proficient with many weapons including blades, arrows, & firearms.

Vampires in earliest form were not always efficient in their eating habits. They would kill to feed & leave a large source of food behind. However, this was not uncommon in the beginning for any entity on earth including early humans. They were more animalistic & not highly-evolved. As with all things here different vampire creatures evolved in different ways, most learned to be efficient in their eating habits.

Tear or gaping wounds caused by ripping into the flesh with teeth or claws; applies to humanoid, bat, creature
Vampire Wound Tear
meant to cause fatality to victim for use of whole food source. Occurs with bite-to-drain only.

Puncture wounds caused by larger diameter, sharp fangs; applies to humanoid, spider, bat, creature

Vampire Wound Puncture
meant to cause a steady blood flow with the unlikelihood of the victim recovering. Occurs with bite-to-drain & bite-to-turn.

Slice wounds caused by razor-sharp forefront top & bottom teeth; applies to humanoid, creature

Vampire Wound Slice
meant to cause a steady flow with a wound that could be healed by the victim once the feeding was complete. Occurs with bite-to-feed only.

Pin prick wounds caused by just the tips of the fangs being sharp; applies to humanoid, creature
Vampire Wound Prick
meant to cause a slight flow that brings little discomfort to victim, usually seen with victims the vampire is friends with or constant companion to. This can include human or creature victims. It is not uncommon for humanoid & creature vampires to have pet, animal companions they could feed from in emergency. Or if there was any other extenuating circumstance where they wished to feed slightly without causing permanent damage. Occurs with bite-to-feed & bite-to-turn.

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