The Truth About Vampires, Part 3

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2015-11-29 23:01

The legend goes if you're bitten by a vamp, you're golden, you will be a vamp, you will have regenerative powers, you will be at prime & ready to go. The truth is not that cut & dry.

Of course, the truth about vampires really extends to many other races that co-mingle with humans & who procreate with humans in hybrids. Bear that in mind when reading these truth posts.

So you want to be bitten so you can no longer be sick, be strong, be quick, have mad skills, & in general, be awesome.

The truth? Not as awesome.

As with any foreign substance that comes into contact with human dna, it's not always accepted. Sometimes, the human body rejects what it's given, and while it doesn't always end it death (though, it can), it can also end with malformities, development of various conditions, and you can give up one weakness to develop another in hybrid form.

There's no anti-rejection pills for being bitten & turning. If it doesn't work, then you might be in store for some unexpected, physical detriments. Not to mention, for some who things go really wrong for, it can mean living with disfiguring ailments until death.

It's nothing new, it's something that has been happening as long as humans & non-humans have been pro-creating. When you take something that is pure & make it impure, there are always problems. Sometimes the problems are slight. Sometimes the problems are moderate. Sometimes, they're fatal.

For instance, bitten humans who turn are referred to, in vamp circles, as halfies. Halfies tend to develop tachycardia & diaphragm spasms. Those are common developments for newly bitten halfies. That's not all that could happen, but rarely does a turning bite turn into a perfect, happily ever after.

Immortality can be granted any race of being, but all vampire are not immortal. Long-living, yes, immortal, no. Being bitten by a vamp does not ensure you will be immortal, by any stretch of the word. In fact, to those in the know, there is something that happens to all halfies, sooner or later.

The grass is always greener in another yard, but if you're human, be proud to be human, it's not such a bad thing! Humans are extremely versatile, they have endurance & willpower, free will, inspiring evolution, & traits not known to other races.

The physical echos of human & non-human unions continues to be realized in generations today. Dormant genes can make themselves known in later generation & you see these resonating tell-tale signs coming through in generations alive today. Like syndactyly, dwarfism, hypertrichosis, coccyx disorders, heterochromia iridum, gigantism, i could go on & on............... The list gets long.

Bottom line, don't believe in Hollywood, believe in fact. That is what all the "truth" posts are about. Hollywood is great, it's also fiction. Before you jump on the bandwagon, get your facts, you don't want to find yourself in a situation that you will seriously regret.

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