The Truth About Vampires, Part 4

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2015-11-29 23:03

The long list of falsehoods invented from the creative minds of humans, but scarcely the truth. Why have these lies lasted so long? Well, to be frank, Vampires don't care what humans think, & it's far better for them that you believe all of these lies, because it keeps them safe. There were a few, creative minds that helped invent these lies that actually knew the truth, so who really planted these seeds remains a mystery.

Bear in mind, this is about Vampires as a race. Not individual cases where some of these might have extenuating circumstances, those can exist for any race. This is about the race of Vampires; sanguine & psy, humanoid.

Here's all the things you've heard, that couldn't be further from the truth.

1. Vampires don't have a reflection
Vampires appear in mirrors, & have reflections in any shiny surface, or water, the same as humans do.

2. Vampires live forever
Vampires have an expiration date, they aren't immortal. However, all races of beings have had immortals amongst their race due to various circumstances, but Vampires, as a race, are not all immortal.

3. Vampires can only be killed by a wooden stake to the heart.
Any object you manage to press through their chest cavity into their heart is going to kill them. They can also be drowned, burned, decapitated, drained, pretty much everything that would kill you, would kill them.

4. They can regenerate from injuries
This is sort of true. They can't regenerate limbs, but they have a longer lifespan than you because they can regenerate, to a point. If they suffer damage badly enough they can regenerate to a certain level, but it won't be back to 100%. And, by regenerate, i mean minor to moderate injuries.

5. Vampires are repelled by crosses or rosaries
Not at all, not any more than anyone else who doesn't believe. The religious beliefs of Vampires spans multiple religions, including religions that have survived today, such as Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, etc.

6. Vampires can be repelled by garlic
Not quite. While some pungent garlic & garlic remedies were prepared in Victorian Europe, to be fair, they would repel anyone.

7. Holy water will burn a Vampire's skin
Not at all, they could bathe in it, & be perfectly fine.

8. Placing an object in a dead Vampire's mouth, dislocating the jaw, or decapitating the head, will keep it from coming back to life.
If the Vampire's dead, they're dead. They don't migrate from six feet under back onto land & hunt. If you've killed them & they're buried, they're dead. Regeneration can take time, but if the injuries are fatal, they're gone. If the injuries are minor, & you've buried them, and they come back to life, they'll suffocate & be dead.

9. Vampires are the undead
No, this all started because people who were turned were considered "dead" by their family. They were no longer the same old Joe, they were a new Joe, capable of things beyond human reach. Therefore, in their human family's mind, something bad must have happened & now they are undead; alive, but dead as the person they once knew. Vampire's are quite alive, & their turned spawn are also, quite alive.

10. A Vampire's skin is freezing
No, but they are a little colder. Again, this goes to the undead myth, but their core temperature is actually lower than a human's, but the possibility that a human could touch them & tell the difference, is unlikely. This is one of those times when a myth actually has a grain of truth, but only by sheer coincidence.


11. Vampires cannot be in sunlight
They can bask in the sun the same as anyone else. This came from the belief that Vampires were evil & evil cannot stand the light of day, so all that is evil must be done in the cloak of darkness. Sadly, we all know that's not true, evil doesn't wait for sunset, it exists all the time. However, Vampires, as a race, aren't evil, just like any other race there are evil among them, but their personalities, beliefs, & behaviors span the wide mark just as humans.

These myths have all kept Vampires quite safe amongst society, in a time when they were feared & hunted. It's important that you all who interact with Vampires should know the truth, though those who keep them I’m sure already know all of this. But, we'll let the world at large keep looking to identify Vampires by these ignorant tales of myth & fear.

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