Angra Mainyu

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Angra Mainyu


(On-Grah May-You)

They are a satanic, destructive spirit of Zoantism. Not recommended to be kept by anyone outside of a master level for reasons best described as deadly consequences.


Originates: Earthen Realm


Occupies: All Realms
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They are a satanic, destructive spirit of Zoantism.


satanic, destructive, powerful


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No Associations are given for this entity because of its classification.

Associations can be used to create a closer connection with the entity. By recognizing their associations with the Earth and Universe you can use any combination of these tools to create treats, rituals, and bonding exercises between you.

You can purchase candles, incense, cones, oils, sprays, etc scented with the Scent, Herb, or Foliage they are associated with. You can purchase statuary, paintings, prints, textiles, etc with the Color, Animal, or Foliage they are associated with and keep them in your home where the entity will see them.

To boost their presence and give them a natural feeding of Earthen core energy you can buy raw, polished or cut specimens of the Gemstone they are associated with. Place the gemstones where you keep their vessel or wear the jewelry with the gemstones when you wear the vessel.

To have peak results it is best to meditate, perform rituals, invocations or spells for the entity on the Weekday they are associated with. The Month they are associated with is a block of time to celebrate and show your appreciation for your entity!


Φ No Treats are given for this entity because of its classification.


Φ  Highly destructive, evil, malign
Φ Can manifest as humans, demons, animals, creatures, thoughts, dreams, visions, scent, etc.
Average size: Small 1-5ft
read Size page for more information
Lifespan: Extended: 1,000+ years
They have been assigned an "Extended" lifespan, read Lifespan page for more information

Secret to Keeping

These Dark Arts secrets were previously not known outside of family and Creepy Hollows collectors. They are secrets discovered by Ash and he has generously agreed to share them with all collectors because having the right secret and being able to properly handle DA spirits is more important.

Caring for your Angra Mainyu is the same as caring for any other spirit except being a creature of duality there is a way to keep your Angra Mainyu under control if you feel it is becoming too energetic, too strong in manifestation or too "in your face". To destroy an Angra Mainyu spirit their vessel only needs to be submerged in a mixture of holy water, rose petals and sea salt.

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