Aura Colors & Meanings

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Your Aura colors give you an immediate indication of the energy, emotion, and influential factors present in your life.  Knowing your Aura colors and what they mean can give you vital feedback at any point in your life.

Auras traditionally present in a halo form around you.  This means the color closest to your body is the most impacting to your life and each color band from that point out impact you respectively.  Aura colors may appear in halo bands with several colors, but not traditionally more than five.

You can view your Aura in a variety of methods.  Some people use a special type of photography, some use crystals (Tibetan quartz is best for this method), some use scrying in water or mirrors, and some use simple meditation with a focus through the Third Eye.

Whichever method you prefer when you view your Aura colors you will want to record the sequence in which they appear starting with the innermost color.  Then you can use the guide below to see what these colors mean for your life at present.


Red :: True red appears around those who are healthy in all aspects, those who are energetic & often around young children. The deeper the red the more temper, and paler reds have more in common with pink.

Orange :: Orange often seen around outgoing people who are generally in good health but who need to reduce stress in their life. The deeper the orange the more stress around the person and the more aggressive they are or will become.

Yellow :: Yellow appears around people of great intellect, the deeper the yellow the greater the intellect. The deeper the yellow indicates the greater creativity, the paler indicates less creativity. Yellow bordering orange means they use their intellect to cheat others.

Green :: Green appears around those who are loving and trusting, they love their home life, often seen around happy parents, nature-lovers & artists. The deeper the green the more deceitful nature, the paler the green the more egotistical.

Blue :: Blue appears around natural healers, herbalists and good physicians. The deeper the blue the more adept they are at magic and psychic power, the paler the blue the more connected they are to their spirit & the spiritual world.

Indigo :: Indigo appears around those who are highly clairvoyant, deeply gifted in magic and rooted spiritually.

Violet :: Violet is a color rarely seen in auras. It appears around those who have an enlightened understand of spiritual matters, who are truly empathetic and have well-adjusted personalities.

White :: White is the rarest color of them all and is often mistaken for the white mist that surrounds the aura field. It signifies the closest possible bond between the spiritual realm, astral realm and physical realm achieving perfect enlightenment.

Pink :: Pink is a color seen around very romantic people, those who are truly peaceful with themselves, have a strong sense of justice and is also seen around young lovers. Those with a pink aura should be careful not to sacrifice too much of themselves for others.

Olive :: Olive is a color seen around those who dwell within their negative thoughts. They are often immature despite their age and have the mentality of a child always wanting something now and never thinking about responsibility or consequence.

Aquamarine :: Aquamarine appears around those who are lazy and who tend to spend too much time in relaxation, meditation or pursuit of their spiritual life neglecting their physical life which is dually important.

Peach :: Peach is rare color seen around those who have found the perfect balance of compassion, understanding and sacrifice without becoming a martyr.

Lavender :: Lavender is the color seen around those who live a double life. They live their public life as they believe it ought to be while secretly wishing to live their life another way. Sometimes they are dishonest to family & friends & is often seen around addicts.

Blue-Green :: Blue-Green is a color seen around those who are dreamy-minded and very emotional. They spend a great deal of time thinking rather than doing.

Turquoise :: Turquoise appears around those who are deeply logical. It is a color not often seen and appears around those who are insightful and are good counselors. It also appears around brilliant musicians, inventors and scientists.

Red-Violet :: Red-Violet appears around those who are focused sharply on their personal goals and it often poses a conflict with their ethics. It can also appear around those who have a stress-related illness.

Beige :: Beige is a color that appears around those who lack in intellect and lead a life of mediocrity. They are usually unaffected and happy but are not very bright or active.

Green-Brown :: Green-Brown appears around those who are fearful of change, new things & new ideas. They can be obsessive & dangerous posing a threat to themselves & others. They are all bark & no bite with a vigilante attitude towards those who do them wrong.

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