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2015-11-18 22:27


A cold and remote planet is what would best describe Neptune.  But what would describe the person who is influenced by Neptune? Would it be the same? Well, it’s common for astrologers to say that the influence of Saturn is one of the worst influences, but Neptune can rise up to Saturn’s level.  It’s to be said that the influence of Neptune can be worse, however, it’s not in the impatient way of Saturn. Neptune is truly a violent or belligerent kind of negative influence.  This can become a force of emotional power that might manifest in a wake of desolation. There is good to come from such a violent power, it is a power that can shake down any room for dislike.  This power is ‘love’. It’s as simple as that, Neptune being with Venus could lead to a happy friendship or relationship.  Neptune and Jupiter, however, do not have that effect, so choose wisely.  There can be quite a few titles that are associated with this planet. It depends on how the power of emotion is to the person.  It may be that Neptune can make a big deal from something simple in the news; it also may be that there is great creativity in that piece of news.  Ultimately, it’s whether Neptune is the powerhouse in the horoscopes or not. 

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