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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the planet Saturn? Do you think of a big and mysterious gas giant? If so, what else might you think of this lovable giant to be? Some refer to Saturn as a planet of limitation. Astrologers may also say “slow” or “cold” to describe him. However, don’t let that put you down if you are influenced by Saturn.  This isn’t just being cautious or providing limitations or control.  Saturn’s influence can also show that there is success through hard work and prudence. Being sharp and shrewd is something that is commonly associated with this as well.  It’s always one step ahead of what fate might unexpectedly throw at you, so it’s not uncommon to see someone influenced by Saturn to plan about what’s ahead-as it may be something unexpected. The influence of Saturn as previously stated was control, self-control applies to this.  A Saturn may give a cold shoulder if they don’t look into the control.There is a plus side to this; the influence also means that the person influenced by Saturn can endure the emotional difficulties through hard times.  There may be no feat for someone influenced by Saturn to go forth and remove the obstacles and difficulties.  No worry, someone who is influenced by Saturn is generally well organized, is prudent, and has a routine they regularly follow. If a Saturn marries, they often provide great benefits to their spouse.  A steady life of hard work and carefulness in love is what being influenced by Saturn is about. 

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