9 Things You're Doing Wrong as a Spirit Keeper

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Spirit Keeping Protection

#1 Protection

This is the single most important step as a Spirit Keeper.  Not necessarily if you are keeping spirit that are prebound by reputable conjurers, but if you are working with conjuring or summoning your own spirits.

You need to have a wall of protective measures around you before you start any spirit endeavor!  You can have natural walls such as using gemstones or metals with natural, protective properties... or work with spells & enchantments meant to provide you with protection... or keep protective spirits who will aid you in keeping all malicious spirits, entities, magick and energy away from you... the best is having a mixture of all the above!

The majority of Creepy Hollows tickets not related to services provided by us are tickets from people who got themselves into a terrible situation due to lack of protection.  Save yourself the headache and fortify yourself!

Spirit Keeping Organization

#2 Organization

Get organized!  Whether you want to keep a record on your computer, phone, tablet, or a hard copy, take photos of your vessels and record who or what is bound to the vessel, when you bought it, where you bought it, what Arts it is, what it cost, and any other vital information!  If you are conjuring & binding your own spirits then record all pertinent information that came through during the conjuration process and keep a record of what vessel you bound the spirit to!

Many times people end up with a pile of vessels with no idea who is bound to what, and they reach out to all the sellers & practitioners to help them identify who did what.  Save yourself this headache because sometimes sellers go out of business and you won't remember what you bought.  While you can take the time to individually research each vessel through means of meditation or conjuring spells, it's easier to do it right from the beginning.

 Spirit Keeping Tasking

#3 Tasking

Spirits like to have things to do!  You should task your spirits by giving them something you'd like accomplished.  They enjoy helping and this helps them to be part of your life in many ways.  It doesn't have to be anything dire or terribly important, it can be simple things like waking you with positive energy, helping you to feel better, being a shoulder of support through a diet or difficult situation, helping you strengthen your own abilities, etc.

You should try to have a meeting with your spirits a few times a month to evaluate what is going on in your life, what's important, what you need help with, and write down everything as you would meeting minutes.  Give your spirits tasks, record the tasks given, and re-evaluate those goals every few weeks.

This will help you build a closer relationship with your spirits.

Spirit Keeping Signs

#4 Subtle Signs

Do not overlook subtle signs; this is very important.  Not every manifestation is going to be fireworks & full glory.  Sometimes the signs are subtle, slight, and may be missed if you're distracted.

Look for the little things like orbs, brief feelings or sensations, random thoughts that interrupt your day, phantom scents, objects moved a little, vivid dreams, and other small signs your spirits are trying to call out & let you know they are there.

Many Keepers expect everything to be a Hollywood-level manifestation, when usually your spirits are coming to you through telepathic thoughts, little moments throughout the day, and little signs to show their support.

Spirit Keeping Reality

#5 Realism

Be realistic in your expectations as a Spirit Keeper.  Your spirits are not going to be in your face, manifesting with rainbows & sparkles, bold as you please all the time.  Your spirits are not going to grant wild & impossible wishes that cannot possibly happen.  Your spirits are not going to change your physical appearance, teleport your physical body, kill someone for you, or do anything outlandish they are not capable of doing.

Be realistic about being a Spirit Keeper.  Your spirits are not there to do the impossible, they are there to be your friend, your companion, and improve your quality of life in ways they are capable.

Spirit Keeping Readers

#6 Trusting Readers

There are too many reasons not to have someone else "read" your spirits for you to list in this overview, the bottom line is this... you need to speak to your spirits yourself.  Most practitioners have protective spells on their bindings to purposefully keep out other practitioners, which means your reader is likely not reading your spirit at all.  You need to be able to communicate with your spirits because they want to talk to you and they're not likely to open up about anything genuine or important with a stranger.  If you don't learn how to do this yourself you are going to find yourself frustrated and much poorer from paying for spirit readings. 

Your spirits are eager to talk to you.  If you do not overlook subtle signs, if you talk to them, and keep the door open for communication they will come through for you.  It is not a good sign to ask someone else to intervene for you, it doesn't build trust between you and your spirits.

Spirit Keeping Diligence

#7 Due Diligence

Do your homework when you're choosing a conjurer or practitioner!  This is a big step for you and you're bringing home a spirit or entity who is going to be a part of your daily life.  You wouldn't trust just anyone to bring someone into your sacred space, your home, so do your homework!

How long has the practitioner been around?  How long have they been conjuring spirits?  Ask them for references from customers!  Ask on Spirit Keeping Forums if anyone has had experience with that seller.  Do your homework and save yourself your time, money, and happiness!

You want to make sure you're getting what you're actually paying for and you aren't going to be severely disappointed or worse.

Spirit Keeping Friend

#8 Good Friend

Your spirits are with you because they want to be a part of your life.  They chose you out of the millions of other people they could be with on Earth.  Be a good friend, share with them your thoughts for the day, ask them how they are doing, build that solid foundation of a good relationship you need to make your Spirit Keeping experience really special and life-changing.

All you need to do is be yourself, trust your instincts, engage your spirits in conversation, invite them to be part of your daily activities, and be a good friend.

Spirit Keeping Relax

#9 Relax

Remember to relax!  Don't stress and become anxious over various things in your Spirit Keeping path.  Stress causes blockages and can make matters worse.  Remember to take a deep breath, calm down, give yourself some credit, and not worry about every little thing.

You'll find when you can be calm, have some clarity, and relax many things start to fall into place and things go much better for you!

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