Trouble Contacting, Interacting, Communicating with Spirits

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2016-06-28 17:13

If you're having trouble contacting, interacting, or communicating with your spirits there's no reason to worry :)  We can help you every step of the way to develop a communicative relationship with your spirit companions.

Many new Spirit Keepers can have questions about how to interact & communicate with their new spirit companion.  Spirit Keeping can be a very rewarding experience that can enhance your life in many ways.  We are always here if you have questions through Support or our Forum.

These are the best recommendations for those who who are having trouble and are the best places to start!

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Open the Door to Spirit Communication

First, think about the spirit you feel the closest to. Which spirit do you immediately think of when reading this sentence? This should be the spirit you start with. You will find that if you can get your foot in the door with communication & interaction with a spirit then it makes it far easier to recognize and realize interactions with other spirits.

Second, once you have the spirit (or even more than one spirit if you feel multiple connections) you can then begin to forge the bond that will open the door to spirit communication. You can use any and all of the techniques below. If you'd like you can try one at a time until you feel the connection or you can try all the techniques below at the same time. There isn't a right or wrong answer, the goal is for you to be able to feel your spirits.

- Introductory Invocation
Invocations are not necessary with CH bound spirits, but if you feel you aren't sensitive enough to interact and engage the spirits around you then this can be useful for stimulating your spiritual energy and making it easier for you to interact.

You can recite this out loud or via telepathy:
Welcome friend I cherish thee
Open my eyes so I can see
Your companionship I value dear
To me never be shy to appear

- Tasking
Spirits want to help you, they want to interact with you, that is why they wanted to come to you. If you give them something to help you with they will gladly participate to reach the goals you desire.

In the beginning, even if you don't think anyone is listening (they are), before you start your day give your spirits something they can help you with. Even if it's something simple like, "I don't feel well today, please give me some uplifting energy", or "My co-worker Jane is annoying me, please keep her from making me crazy today", etc. Tasking your spirits helps them to be interactive with you and therefore you have a greater chance of feeling them and realizing their contribution to your daily life.

- Manifestations
This one is important. It's vital that you do not pigeon-hole your spirit manifestation expectations. Spirits can manifest in hundreds of different ways. They can manifest through thoughts, as orbs of light, as streaks of light, as Shades (out of the corner of your eye), as temperature variances, as phantom sounds or phantom scents, in your dreams, and even in dreams they can appear in various forms, not always their true form.

This is the single most troublesome issue for Spirit Keepers who say they can't feel/see their spirits. You have to recognize even the most subtle of signs because this is vital to your ability to realize spiritual energy and work with spirits moving forward.

- Consistency & Patience
DO NOT GIVE UP. I know it's easy to get discouraged but you have to remember your spirits chose to come to you. They selected you out of the thousands of other people they could have chosen to be with. Make it a habit to talk to your spirits every morning, even if you just say "hello" to all of them and share some of your thoughts for the day. The same at night, say a "goodnight" to all of them and have a few, brief thoughts to share.

Don't let stress, worry, and anxiety creep into your experiences. These are the 3 most common killers for feeling & interacting with any paranormal experience whether it's spirits or spells.

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