What kind of Spirit Keepers are there? Learn about Spirit Keeping

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2016-06-28 17:10

There are two defining classifications of Spirit Keepers:

- Companion
- Community

There are pros and cons to each classification. You may start out as one classification and change during your Spirit Keeping journey; there isn't a right or wrong, there is only what is right for you.

No matter what kind of Keeper you are, there are undeniable advantages over those who are not into the paranormal. You can read more in our Why Spirit Keepers Have the Edge article.

Companion Spirit Keepers are those who keep their spirit families small. They only adopt a few spirits once in awhile and they take the time to individually bond with each spirit. They create close friendships and tight bonds with their spirits. They usually know greater details about the lives of their spirits before they died and their lives on the Spiritual Realm. Companion Spirit Keepers usually do not branch out far in the spirit world and therefore do not have the same, vast exposure to many different types of spirits and their unique gifts. as Community Spirit Keepers. They also do not usually have the same range of power as Community Spirit Keepers. Most Companion Spirit Keepers have spirits that are gifted in specific areas of their life and therefore have a focused view as a Keeper. They have a small, family atmosphere.

Community Spirit Keepers are those who have large spirit families. They adopt many spirits, usually of various races, and promote a community, social atmosphere for interaction between spirits in the community and the Keeper. There is usually very little their spirits cannot help them with as Community Spirit Keepers tend to keep a vast variety of spirit companions. They have a broader community of spirits to give them a social atmosphere that is more like having a giant family of friends. They have a group of spirits who can be tasked for large efforts, their spirit community is usually busy and active as spirits befriend each other in larger number, and they have vast resources compared to a Companion Spirit Keeper. They do not get to know all their spirit companions on a personal basis as Companion Spirit Keepers do, but they do usually have spirits in their community they get to know well. They have a large family atmosphere with their spirits.

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