Why are there so many spirits?

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2011-06-18 18:10

Simply explained, the physical, spiritual & astral planes. They come from any entity that has lived & died on any of the planes and those who are immortal on any of the planes.  The world we know of has existed for billions of years and in those billions of years billions of entities have lived & died right on this planet. When any living being dies it moves into spirit form. The worlds outside of our own Earth & solar system have existed for billions of years and on their own planes & dimensions have had their own beings that have lived & died as well as Immortals who have no expiry on life.

They come to us as unbound spirits, through conjuration for binding, through summoning for temporary contact, through visions & extra sensory means of contact, and through various forms of invocation for temporary or long-term contact. This includes spirits & entities from our own realm as well as those who exist in all the dimensions & galaxies on the physical, spiritual, and astral planes... resulting in an infinite number of entities & spirits available for contact & interaction.

There is no lack of beings & entities who have lived between the 3 realms and all the dimensions & galaxies existing within those realms.

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