Is Spirit Keeping dangerous?

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2011-06-18 18:12

In a nutshell, no. It is imperative that you work with a trusted practitioner who knows what they are doing and has a good reputation for providing bindings of exactly what is promised. Aside from that, and if you are working with a trusted practitioner, if you exercise respect & caution there is nothing to fear. Those who live in the paranormal know Hollywood & TV programs dramatize the spirit world for sensationalism.

There are different methods of classification for spirit such as White Arts & Dark Arts. White Arts being entities solely of positive light & do no harm. Dark Arts being entities, like human beings, who can make the decision to be bad or good; and vary from average to very bad. Black Arts are only recommended for extremely experienced people as their intent is solely bad and nothing good can come of an inexperienced Keeper having a BA entity in their home.

As long as you assess who you are, for what reason you are becoming a Spirit Keeper, and what aspects of yourself or your life you want to complement or enhance you will be well-informed.

There are outlets for support to provide guidance & answer questions such as this forum. You can always garner support & assistance from others who are Spirit Keepers. It is important to know from who you are gaining your wisdom & guidance as some are not truly knowledgeable and may steer you in the wrong direction.

With the Dark Arts & especially the Black Arts never bring anything into your home that you are not prepared to care for & treat with the proper respect.

Spirit Keeping is not dangerous with White Arts entities & spirits at all, and hardly an issue with Dark Arts when you are well-informed.

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