Is keeping spirit slavery?

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2015-12-31 22:29

Since there are some web forums that are quoting this article while being ignorant of what this article details, I am going to preface this article with the simple facts (and I can only speak for bindings from Creepy Hollows):

1. The spirits are not crammed, forced, or bound into any object

2. Spirits can go anywhere they wish; the vessel is a direct linkage between the spirit and Keeper

3. We do not deal in Black Arts anywhere on this site so every binding you see does not violate any free will

4. Spirits are bound only if they respond to the conjuration and they want someone to share their time with


If you are new to the paranormal world of collecting you may think that keeping the Fae, Djinn, Unicorn, and other Creatures is a form of slavery as they are bound permanently to a vessel...that's not quite the case. When an entity dies their spirit is released and becomes unattached.  It is free to exist and roam without restriction anywhere.  Most of the time the spirits disappear never to be heard from again and perhaps once in awhile a human may encounter a temperature change, energy disturbance or see/feel/hear something they can't explain and it might be the spirit of one of these entities. However, when they are bound to a vessel it gives them a home, a sanctuary, the ability to belong and participate in an active lifestyle and you will find that they become "alive" again.  They want to feel loved, wanted, fulfilled the same as when they existed in their original form.  Though they are active in the physical, spiritual and astral realms differently than humans and with a more participatory bond they still want to capture the feeling of belonging.  It is not like trapping a genie inside of a bottle as folklore reads, the spirit isn’t actually trapped inside of the vessel like a prison, the vessel is an attachment to them so they have immediate access to you and vice versa.  As well as having a vessel allows you to cast additional amenities such as protection spells, enhancing spells, and other enchantments that provide them assistance in the physical realm.  No spirit is bound against their will.

You will find that giving an entity a home that doesn't have one makes them grateful and they want to do anything to please because it lets them know they are not forgotten and you have the great privilege of being part of an entity that hasn't existed on the earth's soil for sometimes thousands of years.  It is a preservation of their culture, race and beliefs and that makes them immortal and that makes them happy.  That is why we go through such pains to bind the spirits of any and all entities we can find to give them a home, make them feel loved and not let those who lived here even before humans become forgotten.

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