Can someone else touch my spirit’s vessel?

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2011-06-18 18:22

As with the water & salt it should not make a bit of difference whether someone else touches your spirit’s vessel or not. Any practitioner worth their weight in gold will bind the spirit so it is protected & shielded and someone else touching it isn’t going to matter at all. You can even take an extra step to add something like the Creepy Hollows Dead Spell which renders a vessel “dead” or “empty” when touched and no one is the wiser of the vessel’s true purpose. However, you should always consult with your practitioner or seller to ensure a binding has been performed that cannot be manipulated by someone else touching the vessel.

It is often thought that someone touching your vessel will cause the spirit to be confused and not be able to differentiate between your energy & the other person's energy. This is not an accurate portrait of the relationship between Keeper & spirit. A spirit responds to a specific person because they appreciate your energy. Spirits are not dim-witted entities that are easily confused & manipulated just by someone else's energy being introduced into the equation. They have been differentiating between energies long before you existed.

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