Can spirits be abused or harmed?

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2011-06-18 18:41

The context of that expression denies itself. A spirit is a spirit therefore you cannot physically injure it. Are there nasty people in the world who have spirits to drag them down with themselves and be verbally abusive? Sure. Nasty people are everywhere but you have to remember we're talking about spirits. The spirit has the opportunity to move itself from the physical to spiritual plane at their own will and that is something you cannot take away from them no matter who you are so if they are not liking a situation they are in they are going to move to the spiritual and/or astral plane. People have to abandon off the mindset that humans are superior beings, we are not, and we are graced by the presence of spirits, not the other way around. Spirits are far more advanced than we. If a spirit is permanently bound to a vessel and not attached then they will likely go into the spiritual or astral realm and reside and not be with the vessel on the physical plane.

Do not ever delude yourself that humans are more powerful than spirits or magic that is a dangerous assumption & belief. Humans are privileged to practice magic & interact with spirits which requires respect at all times that you are dealing with a force bigger than yourself. For most people they come into this Spirit Keeping world with honest intentions and that is what they receive in return... goodness & happiness.

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