Can spirits be forcibly bound?

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2011-06-18 18:41

On any given day, no. Spirits are capable of holding their own against something trying to exact a malicious action against them. Binding is something that can only take place with permission; without permission the action cannot be performed. A spirit is not a vulnerable weakling incapable of taking action to ensure their own safety & freedom. Permission is even required when a vessel is lost and a spirit needs to be transmuted to a new vessel, without it a practitioner cannot take action to move or rehome a spirit.

Can forcible binding happen ever? Yes, but you only see this in black magic practitioners who are summoning & conjuring Black Arts spirits or entities whose intentions as a whole are malicious. The majority of the people in the world do not hold the capability to force a superior being against its will. You typically only see this in black magick practitioners doing so against other Black Arts spirits to force them to do their bidding because Black Arts spirits as a rule will not voluntarily help you. However, it should also be noted that in this case the word "spirit" is inaccurate because most of the time the Black Arts "spirits" bound against their will are living entities who reside on another plane such as the astral or spiritual. And BA practitioners always pay in the end and you don't usually see their run last longer than a few months or a year before something breaks them down if they are going with the forcible approach. BA entities have powers beyond any scope of a human and typically a BA practitioner will allow themselves to become possessed by a strong BA spirit in order to continue BA work. The numbers of these kinds of practitioners are very few and far between.

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