Do spirits eat, get married, have babies, watch us in the bathroom, etc

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2011-06-18 18:44

No.  They are in spirit form and are far beyond mortal desires.  They were once living, have died, and become in spirits form.  For this reason there is no need to do any physical tasks that human & some Earthen creatures do.  Spirits do not wed because it is not necessary to do so; they aren’t living in the same way you & I are living.  They can’t procreate in spirit form, some may have been able to when alive, but in spirit form they do not and there is no reason to; entities are dying all the time, they don’t need to populate the spiritual realm.  They don’t eat, defecate, breathe air, breathe water, or any other physical action that sustains mortal life; they aren’t mortal anymore.

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