How Can Spirits be Bound to Multiple Vessels?

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2011-06-26 16:34

Multiple Binding

I get asked how I can bind the spirit of one Immortal, or one human, one entity, etc. to multiple vessels and I shall explain...

Right now you have left energy in more than one place, probably hundreds of places. To start with you left a large stain of energy in the room you were born in. Whenever a human emits powerful emotion (happy, sad, depressed, joyful, etc) you leave a residue of energy behind that can be felt. That is why you feel this dragging, pitiful feeling in your stomach when you walk into wards in a hospital where the patients are terminally ill. They are all emitting a very low-level, depressing energy. For women you leave a large stain of energy in the room where you gave birth to your children. These are just examples but I am sure you can think of many times when your emotions or passions were so strong you could feel it radiating from you... another example might be where you have your first sexual encounter... or first kiss...

This is why it is possible for multiple people to feel the spirit of someone in different places. You might feel your grandfather every time you pass his favorite park, and your sister might feel him every time she sits in his favorite lounge chair... for examples. It is because humans leave large stains of energy all over and for a simple example every time I drive through the intersection where I had a car accident I can feel it for a moment all over again... and it's entirely possible others (who are sensitive to energy) drive through that intersection and feel uneasy for a moment.

Every where you walk you are mingling with the energies of others. Some people are great affected by it, some are intermittenly affected and most of the population never feels it (though they could if they exercised it). Everyone is born with the capability to make a mystic connection, it's just like any other birth-given gift... some are born with highly tuned spiritual interaction and others have to earn it through disciplined practice.

And if you want a real shocker all of this residual energy is alive and able to affect you and if you think of all the people who have ever lived in your home before you, or visited your home, or even people who experienced life on the land your home is built on then you are reading this and just now coming to the realization that means that any home that is not brand new on land never touched by human life is HAUNTED!!! Yes, it's true! Think of all the humans that live on earth now and how many came before us... it's not possible that less than 80% of homes on earth are not haunted... they have to be.

Does this mean that there are spectres and ghosts who are going to appear as apparitions? No, not necessarily. Does it means that you are going to hear sounds and bumps in the night? No. It means that sometimes you walk through your house and your mood changes for no reason... or you walk through your kitchen and you get a scent of food that's not cooking... you are in your backyard and you suddenly feel warm on a cold day... there are many possibilities how hauntings can occur. A haunting doesn't mean that there is a gremlinesque ghost dragging chains up and down the stairs... here are the definitions of the word haunt... and since the energies of those humans remains in your home always they will always have the opportunity to affect you. 1. to visit habitually or appear to frequently as a spirit or ghost
2. to recur persistently to the consciousness of
3. to visit frequently; go to often
4. to frequent the company of; be often with
5. to disturb or distress; cause to have anxiety; trouble; worry: His youthful escapades came back to haunt him.

In the case of Immortals, they can be bound to multiple vessels because they are eternal. You can bind the entire spirit of an Immortal or pieces of it. You can bind all of Aphrodite and enjoy all of her gifts... or you can choose to just bind the part of her spirit that brings Beauty.

It's like taking a piece of a very large pie. She exists always and forever and therefore you can never solely encompass her. You can enjoy her in whole or part.

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