The Dark Truth

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2011-06-26 16:38

The Dark Truth

Dark Arts are often misunderstood and it likely has to do with the fact that Dark Arts encompasses a vast variation from human to pure evil. Dark Arts simply means the ability to choose & do good or bad. This is why humans & many Dark Arts entities fall into the lighter side of the Dark Arts spectrum. As humans we have the ability to choose right or wrong; we can do a good thing or a bad thing. For most of us we choose to do good, we choose to try and live our lives with some expectation of not hurting or causing harm to others. This is the same for most Dark Arts entities.

However, descending down the spectrum into what most people conceive as Dark Arts lay the races of beings & entities that could care less about the pain of others and will fight not only amongst themselves but against anything that stands in their way... and some just for the pure pleasure of causing pain. There are many races that fall into this class including dark races of Angels, Demons (Stuhac,Dybbuk, Hitotsume-Kozo, etc), Watchers, Dragons (Bolla,etc), Destructors (Blemmyes, Bukavac, Clurichaun, Each Usige, etc).

It is crucially important for you to understand the difference between would should techinally be labeled "Grey Arts" (the human race & many Dark Arts races) and "Black Arts" (beings & entities who enjoy evil). Knowing & understanding the difference between these is vital in keeping your home safe. Any of the entities in the Encyclopedia for which we do not supply associations and say "not recommended for keeping" are those who fall into the Black Arts.

A myth that has circulated since good & evil began is that the Dark Arts are stronger than White Arts. That is not true and prejudicial for the fact that Black Magic recruits those who are in a desperate state of mind. Often humans find themselves in situations they consider dire and want, at any cost, the outcome they desire. Such as getting a boyfriend or girlfriend back even though that may not be the best idea. Humans are easily clouded by emotion & tunnel vision that some do not take the time to open their eyes to the bigger picture. If someone is meant to come back to you then you would be able to accomplish the task with either Black or White magic. That is what is seldom said but a concrete truth. If something is truly meant to be and is in your best interest you would be able to accomplish the effort through Black or White magic because it would conform with your path. However, if you want to force something to happen, ripping away the other person's free will, you can accomplish anything through Black magic, but at a price.

That is what separates Black Arts & Black Magic from White Arts & White Magic... free will. You will find that black magic & white magic spells follow a similiar path for awhile with love spells, justice spells, wisdom spells, etc. The path splits when Black Magic turns into sacrificing either your free will or someone else's free will. And to many who are uneducated in the area they will not see the truth behind the promised outcome. The truth being it will come to you at a steep price. Yes, you may get back your love or you may cause harm to someone who hurt you but you are unaware of the invisible price tag hanging from it and what will haunt you the rest of your mortal life (if not into other lives as well).

Black Magic has a place in the paranormal world just as deservedly as White Magic. Black Magic & White Magic can stand toe-to-toe but what makes White Magic stronger than Black Magic is that conquering White Magic is a much more difficult road than Black Magic. For humans who want immediate help it is easier just to be bad, lazy or uncaring than to be compassionate, work hard for something and keep a focus of light.

The power of counterbalance is the strongest power in the world and NEVER let anyone tell you otherwise. Anyone who does not realize that the balance of White Magic & Black Magic in perfect unison is the most powerful force in any universe is ignorant of the truth. There is no stronger force in the world. Black Magic exists as a push against White Magic & White Magic the counterbalance to Black Magic. Those who can use the Black Arts in harmony with the White Arts can conquer both fields of battle. However, this is the most difficult unison to obtain.

For many you will choose to stay with either White Arts or Grey Arts (Dark Arts), or both, and that is perfectly okay. Even some of you will choose a path of Black Arts and to you I say travel lightly. There is nothing wrong with opting to stay in the light of the White Arts or in the lighter side of the Dark Arts, that is why all of us are different and we need that mixture of people to counterbalance those who choose only the path of Black Arts. Again, without balance there is a problem. So for most of you the power of Unison (Black & White Arts) is knowledge, and since knowledge is power it will aid you.

That is the Dark Truth of the Dark Arts and hopefully it has helped some of you realize that Dark Arts embraces many, including yourself, and some are not so bad as others.

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