The 5 Stages of Spirit Keeping

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2013-08-02 17:13

It's often difficult for yourself to judge your own place within the Spirit Keeping journey, and we have established a guideline for you to understand your place within the Spirit Keeping journey.

Bear in mind, your place within the journey is not finite. As you learn & discover new spirits, you will walk multiple places within the journey at the same time. That is why the journey is represented by a circle.


Novus: In this stage everything is new to you, be it Spirit Keeping in its entirety, a concept of Spirit Keeping, or a spirit race. Therefore, everything regarding this new venture must be explored & discovered in its entirety. The Novus stage is the commencement of the journey.

Narus: In this stage you have gained knowledge, you have a general idea of what everything is, and/or how everything works. You have created a foundation of knowledge from which you can reasonably conduct yourself, speak to many topics, and even give guidance to those in the Novus stage. You are not fully comfortable on the complete cycle of spirit-Keeper interactions, you ask for assistance, but you have not yet designed a full methodology on requesting help, tasking, or establishing a solid method of communication with them. You have developed house rules, but you are not fully confident in exacting them, or providing reprimand for the breaking of them. You are still learning about the spirits around you, and their abilities & powers which can contribute to your life.

Peritus: In this stage you are creating your own space within the knowledge; you are trying out things your own way, finding ways to customize procedures and methods to suit yourself & your personality. You have gained the foundations of skills and are working towards developing yourself and your journey to be more personal, and more productive. You are comfortable asking your spirits for assistance, you are good in tasking them, setting goals, confident in house rules & reinforcing them, and have developed a strong relationship, and personal methodology for Spirit Keeping. You are working with the spirits to learn their capabilities, how they apply to your own life, and how the sharing between the two of you is mutually beneficial.

Doctus: In this stage you have reached a level of accomplishment. You have an intuitive relationship with your spirits. Your relationships with them are dynamic, symbiotic, and functioning at a higher level. Their interactions (overt, or covert), with you are daily, and they regularly contribute to your life with your direct, or indirect, involvement. You can exact all principles of Spirit Keeping with little issue, and you feel comfortable working with all of your spirits. You are fully functional, and evolving, through your own developed methods in Spirit Keeping. You have established each spirit's individual capabilities, powers, and energies, and know how to work with them to fully experience their companionship to your life in its totality.

Sophos: In this stage you have reached wisdom. As commonplace a word as "wisdom" might be, the apex of the Spirit Keeping journey is to reach true wisdom. You are no longer experiencing missteps in choices of spirit companions, and you are fully integrated into the purpose, functionality, and energy that is shared between you and your spirits. Your journey as a Spirit Keeper is truly meaningful, in all senses, whether the interactions are for cordial, day-to-day experiences, or for more in-depth, powerful, intense purposes. You have reached the point where you can truly understand, and appreciate the full purpose, and definition of Spirit Keeping.

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