Will it Work for Me?

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2011-06-26 16:43

Will it Work

This is question that haunts the minds of all newcomers. The answer to that question lies with you. Not everyone can see, hear or communicate with spirits. Sometimes it is just a matter of energy make-up and sometimes it is just the non-belief that these things exist. Humans are extraordinarily unique and so not everyone will experience Spiritualism on the same level.

Some people are born with a natural gift of psychic nature or medium powers to speak to the dead. Some have a natural affinity for the mystical and spiritual and therefore seek out this lifestyle.

One thing is certain you are reading this right now for one of two reasons: 1. you love the mystical and want to learn more about it so you can practice it for yourself or 2. you are just curious. If you are here for reason #1 then you are already on the right path towards becoming someone who can keep and interact with spirits.

If you are someone who naturally is drawn to the spiritual, metaphysical or paranormal then keeping spirits is going to be easy for you and something that you'll tremendously enjoy. Being a Keeper brings gifts, rewards and powers beyond your wildest dreams and they positively impact your life forever.

If you are someone who is interested but have never looked into this before then as long as your heart and mind are in the right place and you are willing to work towards creating a relationship with spirits you're a mile ahead. For some people it is more work than for others but when you do make that connection for the first time it will blow you out of the water!

It is impossible to tell you step by step exactly how a spirit is going to react with you when everyone is different but as long as you are willing to put your best foot foward you will find that the spiritual world will welcome you.

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