I Want to Buy an Entity for Protection, What Can I Expect?

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2011-06-26 16:45


This is a common question and one that you should fully understand before you buy an entity for protection. If someone tells you that their entity will jump out and fight for you physically against a physical attacker NO MATTER WHAT you need to close the listing or web page and keep going.

This is not possible, at least not with any spirit that you are going to encounter on this realm. Anyone who tells you that no matter what happens, who it is or where you are that your guardian will protect you against physical damage or death is a liar and I'm sorry to just come out with it but it's true and as a collector you should know it!

I will try, to the best of my ability, to explain to you how a guardian or protective spirit works. Can they stop someone or something from hurting or killing you? Yes, they can. Will be every time no matter what? No, it won't. You can't walk into a dark alley with dollar bills hanging out of your pockets and mouth off to a gang of shady characters expecting to survive because your Dragon, Gargoyle, etc. is going to come rescue you.

Recently a collector who has a Gargoyle wrote to me and said he was held up at gunpoint. He was confused as to why he was even held up at gun point if the Gargoyle is supposed to bring him protection. Here is my response to him and hopefully it will help shed some light on how guardians and protectors are used:

As with all guardians and protectors Gargoyles (and other entities meant for protection) cannot stop an action of destiny in motion but they can protect those involved in the action. Sometimes people get confused when I try to explain so I will try to do this very simply.

The man who held the gun to you was set in a path of destiny, he was meant to follow that line of destiny and there is little you can do from your end to interrupt his path. However, in that path if it could interrupt your path, such as shooting you as opposed to just pointing the gun at you, that you can stop. Unless you are a master at black or white magic you cannot alter or change someone else's path (and you don't want to because that indebts you to them) but you can stop yourself from being irrevocably damaged while they continue their path. Your Gargoyle can't stop his path but he can stop someone from hurting you while they are on their path.

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