How-To Start Collecting

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2011-06-26 18:25

How to Start

People who want to start collecting spirits come to do so in different ways. Some see a spirit, feel an immediate connection and feel drawn to start collecting... others find the literature before they find the spirits and they don't know where to start.

For beginners the best spirits to start with are Woodland Fae, Unicorns, Pegasus, Gnomes, Fylgias, and Angels. For youths the best entity to start with is a Unicorn.

Choosing the correct spirit is important and before you go with any beginner recommendations you should go with the spirit that calls you as that will give you the best connection. However, if you are wanting to start and haven't felt a calling in particular any of the aforementioned spirits are a wonderful place to start.

Woodland Fae are eager to please, loyal, kind-hearted and their energy is easily felt by anyone new or seasoned.

Unicorns are extremely loyal and can be a conscience for youths as well as a guardian. For adult collectors they find the Unicorns wisdom, generosity, patience and regal beauty an attraction. Unicorns are a must for any collection.

Pegasus is lively and likely to manifest as visions especially when the Keeper is in moving transportation such as a car, bus or train. They are also often heard on rooftops and their hooves heard on hard floors. They bring beautiful dreams and are well-loved by both their Keeper and other spirits in the collection.

Gnomes are grounded entities but can be a bit moody from time to time. They have a tangible energy and get close to family members. They do not leave once they make a connection.

Fylgias are wonderful guardians and protectors. Even newcomers can feel the guiding energy of Fylgias right away. They get close to their Keepers and enjoy keeping watch over them at all times.

Angels are sweet, joyful, loving entities that bring a bright light of positive energy and blessings to their Keeper's lives. They are easy to get along with and wonderful to interact with.

Newcomers are unsure how to prepare their home for their new friends and it is very easy. Secure a place in your home where you can keep your spirits when you're not able to bind with them. It can be a cleared place on a counter, dresser top, drawer, jewelry box, etc. This will be their sanctuary when you can't be near them.

It is suggested you spend at least fifteen minutes a day with them for the first 30 days they are with you and you keep their vessels near you at night, preferably no more than 1-5 feet away from your bed.

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