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2011-06-26 18:30

Creepy Hollows Charging Box

We get a lot of questions about Charging Boxes, what are they, how do you use them, can you get them from anywhere, and are the absolutely necessary?

We invented Charging Boxes as a MAJOR shortcut to all the things conjurers and Keepers have done in the past to keep their spirits happy and healthy. Ours are not just for charging the energy of the spirit, they are complicated sanctuaries that provide your spirits MANY ammenities.

You do NOT have to have Charging Boxes to keep spirits or enchanted vessels. You could do all the leg work yourself, some prefer it that way!

You have to be careful with Charging Boxes. I know that some forum members here created the Charging Boxes from the Craft section and those really become class 1 or 2. Real Charging Boxes are more complicated than just a simple pretty box. I can only speak for ours because I don't know other sellers methods but we created Charging Boxes in the first place for a few purposes; #1 because reading a spell to keep spirits healthy and energy up is tedious, #2 we wanted to provide spirits protection and a place of shelter when they need "alone" time, #3 Charging Boxes specific to certain entities have special spellwork geared specifically for the entity and it provides them certain enchancements that they need to be at peak.

These spells don't exist anywhere you can just buy them. Most of the spells we use on the Charging Boxes we took from several sources of the specific entity's culture, associations, etc and one Charging Box has more than 10 spells on it.

If you create your own from the Craft instruction on the forum, or buy them from people who are not skilled and you place your spirits or enchanted vessels in them thinking they are doing what a real Charging Box would do you may be disappointed at the level of results. I honestly don't know how other sellers make their Charging Boxes. We've never disclosed our methods to anyone before or since we invented them. I am sure most sellers have devised their own concoctions of spells that provide means of keeping spirits energies and specific needs at peak.

What some people don't realize is that the conjuration of the spirit has as much to do with keeping a spirit happy and at peak energy as the Charging Box. An inexperienced or novice conjurer will find that their spirits have to be recharged, sometimes daily. It's just because the connection made during conjuration is weak. Any spirits you get from us won't need constant recharging and really don't ever need it. The Charging Boxes are really more for the blend of spells in the Charging Boxes that give the spirits specific enhancements and allow them to STRENGTHEN over time as opposed to just charging them to the same energy.

Charging Boxes didn't even exist prior to 2005 and before that conjurers and Keepers used spells, offerings and the entity's respective associations to keep their spirits happy. The Charging Boxes are just a GREAT shortcut to all of that.

My suggestion for safe-keeping and everyone's happiness is that if you are not wearing your vessels they should be in the Charging Box. But be knowledgeable about what Charging Boxes you are using and be sure you know what the effect is of placing the spirit in the Charging Box is. I ALWAYS recommend buying from a professional.

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