How To Make & Use Your Own Charging Box

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2016-06-01 04:01

As world-renowned master practitioners, Creepy Hollows Charging Boxes are the most powerful and sought after. However, if you prefer the DIY approach you can make a Charging Box for your spirits and spellbound vessels.  Your spellcasting ability will determine the strength of magick within the Charging Box you make.

You can do this in three steps:

1- Choose your box/dish

2- Cast a cleansing spell

3- Cast the charging energy


You will need to choose the box, dish, or bowl you wish to transform into a Charging Box. You can choose one of any age; new, vintage, or antique.  It can be made from any material; metal, glass, ceramic, wood, paper mache, etc.  The size is entirely up to you.

In the photograph below are a few of our own personal Charging Boxes to illustrate some different types of Charging Boxes.  

The wooden chest contains assorted gemstones bound with spirits & spells.  The dragon bowl holds spirited vessels.  The floral dish holds sterling, gold, and crystal vessels ready to be bound with spirits and spells.  The pewter hands hold a single enchanted copper orb.

Creepy Hollows Charging Box

Spell to cleanse the box/dish & prepare it for casting:

With the tides of spiritual energy
Wash away the plaguing binds
Prepare this space for great magick
To be received & bound eternally
A clean canvas for gifts to be given

After you cast the Cleansing spell allow the box to sit for 5-10 minutes before proceeding.

Spell to cast a Charging energy on the box:

Wash and wear the little deeds do
Lighten the spirit and charge the soul
Resting, resting, now awaken!
Blessings, cleansings, tide and turn
Spawn the energy and let it rise
You are refreshed by these words!

If you are casting to use the Charging Box for spirited vessels, recite it just as written above. If you are casting to use as a Charging Box for spelled/enchanted items, change the word "soul" on the second line to "enchantment". If you want to cast to use for both spirits & enchanted vessels then use the words "soul and enchantment".

Once you have recited the spell, the box is ready to be used as a Charging Box!

To intensify the charging spell on your new Charging Box, place it in moonlight overnight allowing it to absorb the Moon's powerful, rejuvenating energies.


Ways to complement & enhance your new Charging Box

The brass box on the far left is lined with a piece of satin imbued with spells. I do not suggest permanently gluing or affixing the material to the inside of your Charging Box as you may wish to change the material. Your material does not have to be spelled, but with the 100 Free Spell book you can cast spells for your spirits to enjoy, or to help empower your enchanted vessels.

My hippo Charging Box second to left on the back row is full of Sea Glass, a favorite of Dragons & sea entities (Merfolk, Loxy, Poseidon, etc).

The third from left on the back row is a gifted hand-made ceramic object from a fellow practitioner. I use it as a Charging Box for wands and other, long, spirited or spelled vessels. The feather inside is spelled for sleep. It was placed in the Charging Box with a wand that was spelled for bringing astral visions through sleep, and the feather enhanced the wand's spells.

The oriental bowl (far right on the back row) has natural crystals and some of my casting gems inside. The crystals emit natural powers, and the casting gems provide both natural energy & enchantments to share with the spirited or spelled vessels placed inside. Charging Boxes do not have to have lids. Lidless Charging Boxes make wonderful homes for Spirit Stones.

The wooden treasure chest (bottom right) Charging Box contains sand.  You can use enchanted sand to complement your spelled vessels, or plain sand as an offering to spirits.

The red, glitter Charging Box in front holds natural, polished gemstones. Gemstones have their own abilities and powers. You can reference their natural abilities here. They can complement and bring wonderful energies to your spirits and enchanted vessels. You can decide whether or not to use natural or enchanted gemstones.

How long do I leave my spirited or enchanted vessels in the Charging Box?

24 hours is a good rule of thumb for a quick charge. You will know when you see or touch them if they are restored to their fullest potential.  How long it takes to create a fully recharged spirited or spelled binding depends on the class of the Charging Box.

How do I know if my new Charging Box works and what class did I cast it in?

The strength of the spell depends on the strength of the caster.  If you are inexperienced, you can likely expect a class 1 or class 2.  To confirm you achieved your desired result, place an enchanted object in your Charging Box and see if its energy is restored and how long it takes to restore.  

This chart is a general guideline to measure the time it takes to fully charge a binding and what class you cast your Charging Box with.

7-10 days = class 1
5-7 days = class 2
3-5 days = class 3
2-3 days = class 4
1-2 days = class 5

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