Discover Your Past Lives through Playing Card Deck Reading

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2012-03-23 13:05

This method of Past Life Reading (PLR) using an ordinary deck of playing cards was developed by the owners of the site, Magnolia & Ash.  It is intended to give a baseline and a general sense of past life activity, and is not a substitute for an in-depth past life reading performed by a professional.


Use this methodology with a sense of the general purpose in which it was created & intended.


To begin you must cleanse the deck, even if it is a new deck.  If you already have a cleansing spell for removing residual energies, you can use that, or you can use this simple spell:


Hold the deck between both of your hands & recite:

Upon this tool impart a cleansing wave

To wash away the energies that plague

Restore to new in pure estate

Providing me a tool with clean slate


This next spell is optional, but is recommended to provide better results:


Hold the deck between both of your hands & recite:

A gift of mancy I request upon this instrument

That all return is what is meant to be wisdom granted unto me

The sight into the lives that once I traversed upon this planet

And to glean from this the power intended by this reading




Number cards are worth their face value, Aces are worth 1, Jacks, Queens, & Kings are worth 10.


There are 5 points you can receive from doing a Past Life Reading this way; past life count, sex, location, occupation, cause of death.


Past Life Count

Lay three cards out side-by-side.  Add the face values of each card together, multiply by 120 and divide by 30.

Past Life Count

In this example: 3+10+5 = 18 x 120 = 2,160 / 30 = 72


You can read as many lives as you desire.  We will go over how to read one.  I suggest writing out a template for you to use over & over.


Past Life 1




Cause of Death:


Before you start, hold the deck between your hands, and focus for a few moments on achieving results for your first reading.


Write out your template for your first past life reading.


How to read past life sex:


Lay out three cards side-by-side, and add the face values together.

Female: 3-16

Male: 17-30


Past Life Sex

In this example: 2+10+4 = 16

Results: the life you are reading for was a female


How to read location of a past life:


Lay out three cards side-by-side, and multiply the face values of the cards.


Past Life Location

In this example: 8x10x3 = 240


How-To Determine the Location Results

1. Pacific Ocean location: 1-83

2. Atlantic Ocean location: 84-167

3. Arctic Ocean location: 168-250

4. Indian Ocean location: 251-333

5. Mediterranean Ocean location: 334-417

6. North America: 418-501

7. South America: 502-585

8. Africa: 586-669

9. Europe: 670-753

10. Asia: 754-837

11. Caribbean: 838-921

12. Antarctica: 922-1,000


In this reading, the location of the past life was somewhere in the Arctic Ocean area.


How to determine a past life occupation:


Lay out three cards, two on the bottom, and one on the top.

Past Life Occupation

In this example: the prevailing card is "8".


How-To Determine the Occupation:

Labor: A, 2

       Jobs that included hard labor

Non-Labor: 7,8

       Usually positions of nobility

Skilled: 3,4

       Jobs that included having skill such as carpentry, sculpting, arts

Non-Skilled: 9,10

       Jobs that were apprentice work, or supplemental work

Educated: J,Q,K

       Jobs that included having a year or more of education to complete; such as politicians, lawyers, etc.

Non-Educated: 5,6

       Jobs that are not hard labor, or not skilled


The results of this reading were "8" so the position in the life you are reading for is Non-Labor.


How to determine cause of death:


Lay out three cards side-by-side.  Add the first two together, and subtract the last card.  If you have a (-) number as the result of the equation you do not need to draw cards again, you use the number result as itself.

Natural cause of death: 2-8

Accidental death: 9-13

Murder or foul play: 14-20


Past Life Cause of Death

In this example: 3+10 = 13 - 1 = 12


The results of this reading show the cause of death for this life was accidental.


Total results

Past Life Count: 72

Life Sex: Female

Location: Arctic Ocean area

Occupation: Non-Labor

Cause of Death: Accident


Repeat as many times as you wish to determine the results of various past lives lived!

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