Warning: The Disposable Life

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2014-06-11 17:36

Disposable Life


There is no doubt the 21st century has become that of the disposable life.  While its beginnings were in the 20th century, it wasn't that long ago many items in daily life were valuable.  People bought protective rubbers for their shoes, as shoes weren't readily available or cheap... clothes, blankets, & other textiles were repaired not replaced... the daily tools we all use were items that people kept 10 times longer than we do now; furniture, appliances, writing instruments, cars, etc.

In this revolutionary life where items are made for the masses and not for the individual, it's easy to get caught up in the disposable life.  However, as difficult as it may be, it's essential for Spirit Keepers, Paranormal Collectors, & Magick Enthusiasts to separate that lifestyle from their path.  You cannot have the disposable life when you're in the metaphysical.  The time tables of the supernatural are not the "I want it, and I want it now!", or "If I don't get what I want, I'll get another" of the 21st century.

They say patience is a virtue, in the supernatural patience is a necessity.  Without patience you will find yourself tossed into a sea of confusion, misunderstanding, and lost opportunities as you try to force things to happen when you want them to happen.  The rushed life is not the life for spirits or magick.  As they are beyond the constraints and restrictions of time.  They do not have the sense of urgency you have, nor do they feel they are bound by the necessity to act upon command.  They feel the necessity, instead, to act when needed and when appropriate.  

The disposable life will likely prove to be unhelpful for all people as the future develops for mankind, but it is absolutely detrimental to those who are Spirit Keepers, Magick Enthusiasts, and Paranormal Collectors.  It will kill any chance of complete development and enlightenment.  Even if you have to consciously remind yourself at first, you have to be aware that nothing with the metaphysical is disposable or replaceable simply because it doesn't live up to your "now, now, now" demands.

Find the path of true understanding, and give yourself a chance.

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