Am I Cursed?

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2011-06-26 18:19


This is a question we're asked about 5 times a month. Sometimes people encounter a slew of bad luck and they want to know if someone has cursed them or is there something else at play? Bad luck and being cursed are far and away to separate things for one very big reason... bad luck may come and go - a curse stays with you until it is banished or reconciled.

There are some very, very simple methods to detecting whether or not you are cursed. I am sometimes reluctant to go into details because I do believe in the power of suggestion but I feel it necessary to explain.

A Penny for Your Thoughts

The first simple method is to sleep with a copper penny or copper object in your pillowcase or under your pillow. If it is a penny it must be a copper penny which means that it can't be from the year 1943 and it can't be post 1982 because they aren't copper. You can use a copper bracelet, copper wiring... as long as there is at least a penny-sized amount. It must be near your (or the person's) head. So wearing it on the neck, arm, finger, ankle, etc. doesn't work.

If during your night of sleep you experience night terrors (not average nightmares) then I would seriously suggest you look into the possibility of being cursed. Why? Copper is a natural repellent of evil and when you place copper so close to the body's spiritual portal (the mind) it is going to be drawn to the forefront of your thoughts as your mind governs your thoughts.



One for Tea

You will need a cup of black tea prepared hot to drink before bed and something (like flowers, a candle, incense or spray) in the scent of iris. Drink the tea and take a long inhale of the iris just before bed.

If you have night terrors (again, not regular nightmares) or especially have dreams with a dark, shadowy figure that is prominent and a focal fixture of your dreams then I would again seriously suggest looking into cleansing or healing methods.

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