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Should a man be still, upon the brink of death and a feather is placed above his mouth and it twitches and flickers, as slight as it may be, the man is alive. The lightness of a feather can be used to indicate whether someone has life in them or not. According to Egyptian mythology it is used afterlife as well. The weight of a feather would indicate innocence and truthfulness. When a man is judged in the Hall of Judgment his heart is placed on a pan of the scale and a feather is placed on the other pan. Should the scale balance and even out, you were innocent. The symbolic power of a feather was great enough to make Osiris wear a robe made of feathers. Feathers were worn by Indians for every enemy they killed. The typical bonnets of feathers that Indians are often associated with aren’t for peace but rather death. The Hungarians during their conflict would also don feathers upon their garb if they had slain an Ottoman Turk.

This idea isn’t entirely true however; some tribes associated feathers with religion and spirituality. Birds were often linked with gods by numerous tribes. Feathers to some tribes were a key part of the ceremonial decorations and rituals called for pipes to be decorated with feathers. Feathers in rituals also had a key part with dances being performed with feathers. One notable piece of the spiritual significance of a feather in American Indian tribes would be the sticks that held feathers. For specific and precise prayers these sticks would be used to carry the prayer to the gods. 

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