How Binding Works

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2011-07-23 19:36

Binding is the process of attaching a spirit to a vessel or to a
human's spirit. By binding it gives the spirit a home, a chance to be
able to share their life with someone and exchange respect and love.
Just like anyone all entities want to feel needed, loved, cared for and
that they matter.

There are hundreds of ways to bind a spirit to a vessel or human and
most of them involve an invocation. There are only a handful that are
publically shared as most conjurer's prefer to keep their binding
methods a secret to themselves or amongst their Order, Coven, etc.

Spirits are not harmed during the binding process and are not
required to give up anything in return for being bound. Spirits are
bound to an object to give the spirit a home and sanctuary of their own.
When a spirit is bound to a human's spirit they will usually select an
area of the body they like the most and retreat to that part of the
body when they feel they need a moment alone.

Binding can take place by using an invocation and binding bag. A
binding bag is a satchel that is enchanted with a spell designed
specifically for promoting a bind between any spirit that exists to the
object in the bag.

You can bind through invocation alone which usually requires the
conjurer to hold the vessel in their hands while reciting the

Binding can be through ritual using oils, candles, stones and/or statuary associated with the spirit.

A spirit can be banished from a vessel releasing them of all ties.
When a spirit is banished they are no longer tied to the human or vessel
any more and are free to be conjured by another conjurer or exist
without bond. Banishing a spirit is not painful but it is a serious
practice that can result in feeling of rejection for both the Keeper and
spirit. Before a spirit is banished all other methods of making
ammends should be explored.

The process by which a conjurer binds a spirit is, in part, what
dictates the energy with which the spirit will come through to the
Keeper and whether or not the spirit could be stolen by a malicious,
superior conjurer. Though this is a remote chance it does happen
between warring collectors which is why publishing or otherwise
publically announcing the name of your spirits is not recommended unless
you are 100% positive the conjurer who bound the spirit has done so
with protection to keep this from happening.

Anyone is capable of learning binding and the first spirits they
bind will of course be weak with energy but an entity can be rebound as
their powers grow allowing the spirit's capabilities to surface.

Those interested in binding should use meditation techniques to come
to a comfortable place before performing the binding action. Being in
the right frame of mind is the proper and most effective way to ensure
you bind correctly.

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