Bringing Spirits into the Home

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2011-07-23 19:50

Inviting spirits into our homes is a personal matter. No one can
tell you what is best for you, what will work & cohesively exist
within your family structure. These are decisions that you have to make
for yourself based on where you are in your journey and what makes
sense for your life at the given time. You can derive direction from
advice and get a sense of what others around you are doing but each
& every collector's journey will be different.

Let's start with some myths to clear the air. The first and most
prevelant is that if you have spirits and you do not pay enough
attention to them they will become angry or jealous. That's not true in
the least. Humans are inferior beings to spirits who have already
ascended & transformed to higher beings... or were born into
ascension in the first place. While they can exhibit what we consider
some "human emotions" they are far more evolved than we. Spirits are
going to exist whether they are with you or not and being in a home
where they can participate with its inhabitants (humans & other
spirits included) is definitely a plus for them and they do not expect
constant stimulation & attention from you. Spirits can go for
months without interaction; some have gone thousands of years without it
prior to being with you.

Second myth is you can have too many spirits. This is subjective.
For some people one spirit is enough, for others, like myself & Ash,
there is no limit. We have literally hundreds and they have made
colonies of their own in our home. Obviously we cannot spend time with
all of them every day. We talk to them individually as well as in
groups and this home has become a haven & sanctuary for them.

Third myth is if a spirit doesn't work for you right away it's not
the right spirit for you. Wrong, in most cases. Bringing spirits into
the home isn't a method of solely enhancing your life and having a
subservient being to do your bidding & will. Bringing spirits into
the home is a matter of companions complementing your life. Some
spirits you feel drawn to may not manifest their purpose for being there
for months or years. They can see into the future concerning their
purpose for being with you, you cannot. They can see their purpose in
your life whether it is immediate or 2 years down the road. For most
collectors they find spirits enhance their life through at least
companionship within the first few months of being home with you but
their true purpose for being with you may not be realized for some time.

Collecting is a personal matter and each person will have their own
journey. It is not about how many spirits you have, it's about who you
feel drawn to and what their purpose is for being there. Naturally
people who are in stressful situations or in dire need of help will turn
to magic & spirits for help, but it should not be the only
reason for doing so. Absolutely nothing will happen if it is not meant
as part of your path of destiny. Every single person on Earth would
love to win the lottery; it is not in everyone's destiny and there will
not happen for you if it's not supposed to. If you are one of the
people and you work with magic or spirits they can help you achieve a
quicker or greater win but if it's not in your destiny it will never
happen. And that doesn't just apply to the lottery it applies to
anything & everything. We all have a main road of destiny that
branches here and there as we exercise free will enough to temporarily
alter our destiny but ultimately no matter how many sideroads you take
due to free will you are still continuing a greater path you were meant

Bringing spirits into your home can be an incredible adventure.
They come and go, in and out of your life as meant to. They are not
tools for gaining wealth, power, beauty or fame and then discard once
they deliver what you want. They have the power to bestow many rewards
on your life including the aforementioned and thousands more but they do
so out of a mutual respect & relationship. There is no
substitution for familiarity with your spirits and the gains of being
with them is time not demand. Your life can be wholly transformed for
the better but only as long as the proper respect is shown & they
are not treated like tools for personal gain.

Having a variety of spirits in your home can also bring you a
well-rounded complementary atmosphere. They each have their own
strengths & abilities, it is not a cookie-cutter world in the realm
of spirits. Different Gryphons will respond differently to you,
different Djinn have different strengths & weaknesses, different
Blue Dragons will have varying techniques and levels of Illusion... for
examples... and this is true across the board for all types of spirits.
The importance of bringing spirits into the home is to decide why you
are doing so. Is this because you have a passion for spirits and you
are going to become a safe-haven for them or do you just want a
companion & friend or because you are in the arts and want to give
them a chance to work again... or any combination of these or something
else entirely. You have to make that determination and of course things
will change as time changes but only you can decide what is true & right for you.

Spirits can work independently and they can work together. They will
make their purpose for their presence known to you in the timeframe it
is meant to be known. They are all companions to you, helpful &
delightful in their own ways... they are also there to help with
specific events which will be known when the event occurs. It's not
about having one spirit that is your catch-call, mega spirit who can
cook, clean, wash the windows, do the laundry, watch the kids, dust the
plants & grant wishes too, it's about complementing your life and
enhancing it through the gift of spirits and giving them a purpose they
would not have without you.

I also recommend reading The Well-Rounded Collection.

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