Making Wishes, What Can I Expect?

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2011-07-23 19:56

So you've acquired an object that possesses the powers to grant wishes and you want to know what you can expect.

Too many new collectors have false notions of what can be
obtained through wish-making. They read the fables of genies or spirits
who brought their collector vast treasure inexplicably... such as
millions of dollars, a mansion, a harem of women or men, etc. Objects
that can render such results are guarded more closely than the crown
jewels of England.

So what wishes do come true?

Wishes that enhance the path of destiny you are on. Not to say
there is only one path... the decisions you make every day effect the
path you are on, you can change path multiple times during the day or
once a year, that depends on how you live your life. For example, if
you go into work with a terrible chip on your shoulder and you are
determined not to take scuff from anyone you are on path 1 to ending
your job... but suppose once you get into work you lose your
determination and decide to just live out a normal day, now your on path
2... but, someone steals your lunch and you lose your temper and scram
at the co-workers around you... now you could be back on path 1 or
perhaps even a 3rd path. It is a simple example and I hope you
undrstand its intent.

The wishes you make must enhance the path you are on or they will
NEVER come true. I can sit with my Star Faery all day and wish to look
like Ava Gardner but I never will no matter how long I sit and wish.
However, if I make a reasonable wish such as to gain enough money to
make a vacation to Ireland... well, that wish will most likely be

No matter who you or where you live you will NEVER be able to
wish something that doesn't exist in your life's path into existence.

Many people quote lottery winners or winning gamblers and yes...
it is true collectors have won thousands or millions of dollars... but,
it was their life path and their wish for money manifested that way.
Your wish for money may manifest itself in a few hundred dollars.

So will you ever have riches and wealth?

Quite possibly... just not within a month, or a year... the
wishes that you wish that come true may push you onto a path that will
have great rewards and pay out in the long term, so don't discourage
yourself from buying a wish-granting token because it won't yield you
millions within a week. You can't wish the ridiculous into being true.

The same can be said of those who wish for their physical
appearance to change. They want to know why their still short, or why
their crooked nose isn't straight, or why their eye color hasn't
changed... and the answer is quite simple... it won't happen. I hate to
be straightforward and abrupt but change to physical appearance is a
skill you will never find through an object you find online through ebay
or any other online venue. Those who have the power to change your
physical appearance so drastically are those you are going to find
sitting amongst the most prestigious individuals who practice magic and
the odds of you ever being allowed audience in their sanctuary is slim.

However, there are changes to your physical appearance that can
transpire through the objects you find in general circulation. Changes
to your complexion, your weight, your hair texture, and your overall
beauty. But, those who are looking to lose weight... do not expect to
lose more than 20 pounds with a spell or enchanted object unless it is
expressly made for those who can cast spells to help curb your appetite,
stress level, metabolism and state of mind to bring weight loss over 20
pounds... and those individuals who claim such powers you should
interview with scrutiny. If you want advice on what you ask them feel
free to write to us.

Every collector should own a few objects that have wish-granting
powers... there are so many enhancements that can be made to your
day-to-day life, but don't expect a shower of riches and wealth to fall
upon you... expect realistic wishes to come true and believe me, there
are those wishes that can bring you the riches and wealth you want over

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