Haunted Houses - Anastasia Island Lighthouse

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2010-10-23 21:20

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Haunted Houses - Anastasia Island Lighthouse

Anastasia Island Lighthouse

What's the tale? The lighthouse on the island is home to the spirit of a young woman, a man who was hung on the island, and a few pirates. It is known that 13 executed pirates have their final resting place behind the lighthouse.

What do we know as fact? Thanks to this site we know the lighthouse was originally a lookout structure built sometimes in the 1670s, it was not converted to a lighthouse until 1823. This original lighthouse collapsed on August 22, 1880. Construction had already begun on a replacement lighthouse in 1871 and went operational sometime in 1874. It is still in operation today. There is no evidence that either the original or replacement lighthouse was the location of death for anyone including the claimed 13 executed pirates.

Thoughts: There isn't enough evidence outside of the online haunted sites that warrants a "Confirmed" rating, if more evidence from outside sources is collected to support the assertion it is haunted the rating will be changed.

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