Haunted Houses - Bisbee Inn / Hotel La More

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2011-07-23 20:33

Bisbee Inn

What's the tale? The Bisbee Inn is home to an older woman whose ghostly presence can be felt in what was Room 23 and is now Room 13. She is a benevolent presence and many welcome her appearance.

What do we know as fact? Thanks to the Bisbee Inn website here we know Mrs. S.P. Bedford built the hotel in 1916. It was a 24-room hotel built on a location where wooden buildings destroyed by fire previously existed. Mrs. Bedford leased the hotel to Mrs. Kate La More on October 1, 1917 at a rate of $160 per month. Mrs. La More advertised the hotel as "the most modern in Bisbee" and rented the rooms at $2 per day or $8 per week. In 1922 or 1923 Mrs. Bedford took ownership of the hotel again and operated it temporarily, leased it again and it was ultimately sold to Ms. Grace V. Waters who ran it as the Waters Hotel. After that it became a Peace Corps volunteer training center. In 1982 the hotel underwent historic rennovation and its name was changed to the now Bisbee Inn. It was restored to its original, period elegance in 1996 and continues to operate as a hotel.

Thoughts: It remains in "Undecided" status until further details regarding the haunting can be verified.

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