Haunted Houses - Cairo

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2011-07-23 20:49

What's the tale? There are two stories:

#1 : A marshall named Welch was murdered near Dug Hill by Union Army deserters. It is a road that cuts through a hill about five miles west on Jonesboro on State Highway 146. Welch arrested the deserters and the soldiers were imprisoned. A few days later the prison received word that a peace treaty was signed at Appomattox and the soldiers were released. The enraged deserters lay in wait for Welch who had to take the road through Dug Hill to go home. When Welch passed the deserters attacked him and he was ultimately shot through the head. His body was found the next day, his horse tied to a tree. None of the deserters were ever convicted of his murder and Welch haunts the hill to this day.

#2 : This hill is also haunted by an entity known as the Boger. Somewhat of a resemblence to the bogeyman. Accounts of travelers through Dug Hill encountering a "hulking figure" appearing from nowhere and following closely behind them are large in number. There are those who refuse to travel through Dug Hill after dark.

What do we know as fact? Very little. Both of these stories were verbally passed from generation to generation and little factual information survived.

Thoughts: It is rated "undecided" because it is not at all unlikely that someone named Welch was murdered by army deserters, they were some that caused a lot of trouble including murders, rapes, robberies and such. As for the bogeyman, well, who knows.

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