Haunted Houses - Cry-Woman's Bridge

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2011-07-23 20:54

What's the tale? It was a rainy night and the young woman driving her car with her infant daughter in the back seat was driving too fast for the conditions. She lost control of her car and it plunged over the bridge into the swollen creek below. Her body was later found by rescuers but the body of her baby was never found... just a little pink blanket and a pacifier. The woman was buried and next to her was the baby blanket and pacifier. For years she haunted the bridge desperately crying out for her lost infant daughter. It broke the hearts of all those who heard her pleading cries.

What do we know as fact? This is a story that exists in cities & towns all over the world. It resonates and remains in popular folklore because it is every every parent's worst nightmare.

Thoughts: There isn't enough evidence outside of the online haunted sites that warrants a "Confirmed" rating, if more evidence from outside sources is collected to support the assertion it is haunted the rating will be changed.

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