Haunted Houses - Chapel of the Cross

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2011-07-23 21:10

Chapel of the Cross

Why did we rate this "Confirmed"? Because multiple sources off the internet sites have experienced paranormal activity at this location & therefore warrants a rating of "Confirmed". What's the tale? Chapel of the Cross is an Episcopal Church built in 1852. The Chapel and its graveyard are closed promptly at 6 p.m. to give the ghosts their respected privacy. A young woman in her twenties is seen crying over the grave of Henry Vick. In 1857 the love of Helen, Mr. Henry Vick, was killed in a duel. He killed just two days before their scheduled wedding. Helen cried unconsolably at his gravesite for a long period of time before her family convinced her to move on with her life and she moved to Europe. She later married a minister but it is obvious she never forgot the pain of her lost love. The organ inside the church is played by unseen hands after 6 p.m.. There is non-stop giggling and laughter that breaks out inside and outside the Church. The bloodstains of a murdered woman appear on the Church's stone floor. A caretaker of the Church beheaded his wife then hung himself by the Church's rafters. It is heavily haunted and is worth seeing if you are in the area.

What do we know as fact? Thanks to this site we know the chapel & grounds close daily at 5pm. John Johnstone wanted a chapel where family & slaves could worship, he passed before it could be built and his wife Margaret built the chapel in 1848 with slave labor, hired hands and $3,000. It was finished in 1852 and was a Southern Gothic edifice where the Johnstone family & Britton family (eldest daughter's family) could worship. The first instance of tragedy on the grounds was when Helen Johnstone's fiance, Henry Grey Vick, died in a duel. They were four days from their wedding and the death shocked Helen beyond repair. A torchlit funeral for Henry Grey Vick took place on the day that was supposed to be for their wedding. She eventually married George Harris who would serve in the Chapel as rector numerous times. The story of Helen & Henry became known as the "The Bride of Annandale". This is the only paranormal story documented on this premesis. There is no factual evidence that a caretaker of the church beheaded his wife and hung himself in the church.

Thoughts: This location is rated "Confirmed" due to the numerous accounts of paranormal activity related to Helen & Henry.

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