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2011-06-26 18:08

How to Care

The belief that reading a person's palm reveals a pre-destined life is far from a new idea. This practice has existed since Biblical times, many believing that 2nd Corinthians shows that God sealed every person's palm with their destiny.

2 Corinthians 1:21-22 "Now it is God who makes both us and you stand firm in Christ. He anointed us, set his seal of ownership on us, and put his Spirit in our hearts as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come."

As the witch hunt years sank into Europe some European countries outlawed the practice of Palmistry (such as England) and was condemned by the Catholic Church. However, other countries (such as Germany) embraced this "seal" of destiny and offered it as courses in their universities.

When reading you should read your dominant hand for the best results.

This is a How-To in understanding what the lines on your hands mean.

Palmistry 1


#1: Life line: line of destiny and reveals any important events that will happen in the person's life.
#2: Head line: reveals the properties of intellect and wisdom.
#3: Heart line: shows all matters concering love.
#4: Fate line: this goes hand-in-hand with the Life line to show the future.
#5: Sun line: reveals all possibilities of prosperity, creativity and success.
#6: Intuition line: shows natural psychic ability.

Palmistry 2


#1: Girdle of Venus: reveals passions in life.
#2: Cross line: leadership tendencies.
#3: Lines of Union: reveals opportunities of marriage, children, divorce.
#4: Martian lines: personal glories, military tendencies.
#5: Travel lines: personal journeys, experiences, revelations.
#6: Mercury line: the health of your body, mind and spirit.
#7: Bracelet lines: health, wealth and happiness.

Palmistry 3


#1: Mount of Venus: love, intuition, vitality, sensuality, success.
#2: Mount of Jupiter: philosophy, beliefs, ambition, religion, leadership.
#3: Mount of Saturn: scepticism, sarcasm, resignation.
#4: Mount of Apollo: creativity, fantasy, exhibitionism.
#5: Mount of Mercury: wealth, travel, mental agility.
#6: Mount of Mars: courage, strength, temperment, fidelity.
#7: Mount of Luna: clairvoyance, imagination.
#8: Finger of Jupiter: domination, endurance.
#9: Finger of Saturn: envy, desires.
#10: Finger of Apollo: creative genius, music artistry, theatrical, happiness.
#11: Finger of Mercury: egotism, astuteness, indifference.
#12: Range of Percussion: marriage, children, divorce.
#13: Quadrangle of Heart & Head: equilibrium, harmony, peace.


Large, straight, well-shaped: great personality, active, possible aggressive tendencies.
Long & slender: loyal, friend, generous, kind personality.
Pudgy hand: the "priest's hand" - mystical and self-servingly earnest.
Thin & dry: nervous, intellectual, tenacious.
Hard & firm: energetic, good memory, can have a violent nature.
Damp: lazy, unstable but kind.
Hot: wild, successful, but without sincerity or depth.
Cold: secretly generous, reserved, reclusive.


Large: opinionated, energetic, likes to work, exerts self-control.
Bent towards palm: indifferent and tending to be mean.
Bent outwards: open-natured, generous.
Bent out and backwards: "killer's thumb", can be brutal.


Long: polite, anxious, delicate, attractive.
Short: impatient, sexual, creative, good heart.
Pointed: illogical, scatter-brained, well-meaning.


Long: kind, keeps secrets well.
Almond-shaped: tactful, gentle, sweet personality.
Long & thin: prophetic, delicacy of health, irritable.
Rectangular: sensible, practical, logical.
Long & large: shy, reclusive.
Short: critical, sarcastic, scientific.
Very short: no self-control, random.
Short & large: morbid, sad, depressed easily, unstable.
Short & straight: mean-spirited, envious.
Short & rounded: judgmental, gossipy.



The shape of the bed of your nails may reveal health issues current or forthcoming.

Fingernail 1

Short:Shows bad circulation and tendency towards heart disease.

Fingernail 2

Pointed:Shows tendency towards paralysis.

Fingernail 3

Average:Shows throat problems, bronchial.

Fingernail 4

Long:Shows lung issues, consumptive tendencies.

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